Artists Struggle

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I once overheard a parent tell their child “You can’t make money doing art, it’s impossible!”

That poor kid visibly had their dreams shattered in a moment and had to think of another response to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

In one sense, I get it. That parent’s concern was the lack of a clear or traditional pathway to becoming successful doing art. As kids, my siblings and I had the privilege of unbelievably supportive parents when it came to pursuing the things we wanted. For me, art was always that thing, the thing I knew deep down I was good at – eventually leading me into architecture. However, as a teenager there was literally no one I knew that went on to become an artist. Why not, I wondered?

I hate how much harder artists have to work to get recognised. It feels like a very thank-less task. I fear the same is true for musicians. You produce a masterpiece maybe once in your career, the applause is brief and fleeting and then comes the dreaded question – so what’s next? In almost any other industry, you can easily build a career at any level and be rewarded financially over a long period for it. But with art, it feels like you have to be at the very top level before critics and strangers give you the slightest chance of acceptance.

Art is brutal! A field in which everyone has an opinion for good or for bad. You can’t simply create something and carry on. More often than not, people point out your mistakes or their dislikes and (if you’re lucky) offer silence or muted applause for the things they do like. A friend of mine once said in conversation ‘no-one really needs art’. NGL, that cut me deep. It made me question myself, question art itself, why it was even in the school curriculum, and so many other things.

Why am I writing this?

  • I am writing this as someone who actively parked my interest in art for several years on the back of others opinions. Now I do it to inspire because God’s gifted it to me and I don’t want it to go to waste.
  • I’m writing this to support other artists who actively create and pursue careers in art with little to no recognition.
  • I’m writing this to say, the next time you see the end result of an artists work, celebrate it! Send them an encouragement! Leave a thoughtful comment, ask questions, be constructive with your criticism. These things take time, much like any other job.

Anyways, enough rambling. It’s lunchtime.

Are you an artist? Can you relate?

3/ Leaning tower of Pisa

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Leaning tower of Pisa – Drawn by Gome @reposedthought

Here’s the 3rd sketch in a series of architectural landmarks from around the world that I am attempting to illustrate. Much like the first sketch of the Colosseum, I seem to have developed an affection and appreciation of ancient Italian architecture by drawing it. By developing the practice (and somewhat discipline) of drawing, it helps you pick up on things that could so easily bypass the naked eye. These hidden ‘truths‘ if you like, can trace the layers of a buildings history.

All through architecture school, sketching has been a fundamental tool for communicating ideas. I hope that this series will be enjoyable for you as it is useful for my practise.

I intend to add colour highlights at a later stage with my trustee white Posca pens.

Let me know what you think and keep up to date on social media @reposedthought

Thanks for stopping by

Gome x

2/ Rio De Janeiro

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The second sketch in this series of architectural landmarks, comes from the city of Rio, Brazil.

I joined Urban Sketchers Bristol on their fortnightly Zoom sketch meet up, one that’s been going strong since the first lockdown happened in March 2020.

When I think of Rio, there’s one particular view that immediately springs to mind – that of ‘Christ the Redeemer’ statue overlooking the city.

In order to try and do this view justice, it was important to start with the most important thing, the statue. This was soon followed by a loose and light etching of the horizon and shore lines, and subsequently the building outlines. As the buildings were so far away, it was not necessary to show too much detail, rather a simple outline that still gave a 3 dimensional feel.

Finally, to give greater contrast on this mid toned paper, I added grey promarker shadows and white Posca highlights for light faces of buildings. All in all, I am quite pleased with the outcome and approach of capturing the most important thing first.

Till next time.

Blessings x

1/ Colosseum Rome

Architecture, Art

Heritage architecture, buildings of character or architecture of the ancient world. The title will come to me. I’ve always wanted to draw a series of significant buildings from around the world of architectural importance.

Heritage (and the preservation of it) is such a hugely important topic and I wanted to explore it more through sketching. There’s a reason why certain buildings still stand today after centuries and there’s a lot that can be learned from them.

This first sketch is of the famous Colosseum in Rome. The most challenging aspect of drawing it was working out the angles of the curves. Most building elevations typically show a flat 2D projection of a single side of a building. With the Colosseum, however, it tapers down on both sides as it curves round.

The main tip for drawing is to align the top left and right corners as well as the bottom left and right.

Stay tuned for drawing number two.

At the time of writing, this drawing is available for purchase in my art store:

Etsy updates: July 2020

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Due to the ample time the lockdown has provided, I’ve been able to update the items in my art store on Etsy.

These are all hand drawings of some of my favourite places.

You can keep up to date on facebook, instagram or purchase items in store on etsy.

Let me know what you think!

Peace! ✌️

Etsy Art Store: Now Open

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Hey guys,

Hope you’re all well. I’m super excited to announce that I have opened an online art store:

Which of these is your favourite?

It’s definitely long overdue, but glad to finally have it up and running. Please do support by sharing, liking, buying and letting me know what you think.

Thanks & Happy Friday!


First Art Commissions 🙌🏾

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I had the joy of handing over my first art commissions last weekend. They were two hand drawn elevations of house fronts given as gifts to close family.

I’ve always been a lover of intricate detail and since the fast paced world we live in doesn’t provide much opportunity to slow down and take our time, detailed drawings have become the perfect outlet for me.

I was inspired by an instagrammer I follow called @maltzcreative, who does a lot of intricately detailed shop and house facades.

I’m hoping to make a thing of it, so if you are interested do get in touch and we can chat. More than happy for suggestions.

God bless x

25/03-31/03/2019 Sketches

Architecture, Art, Travel

So it’s the end of another week and indeed another month. Here’s to another weekly review of my sketching progress. This one included some people watching, a trip to Pulteney Bridge and scrapbooking on the train.

26/03/2019 – Rear of Pulteney Bridge

This is the lesser known side of the famous Pulteney Bridge which is Grade 1 listed and has shops on either side of its full length.

What I used:

The base drawing was done within 15mins in pen. Then came a mix of pro markers and my favourite white Posca pen.

27/03/2019 – Bath Abbey Square

Spent my lunch break people watching inBath Abbey Square. This is always a fun exercise to attempt live as people’s postures change constantly. For helpful tips on sketching figures rapidly, I found Themodmin‘s channel on YouTube very useful.

28/03/2019 – New Theatre Royal; Street Elevation

Another lunchtime spent in busy Bath soaking up some much needed sunshine while sketching. I’ve recently been practising the art of single line sketching – where you don’t go back over any lines to make for a cleaner finish. This has helped develop my observational eye as it wonders before the pen hits the page.

28/03/2019 – Great Pulteney Street

Had a cheeky sketch-sesh with a friend of mine after work on Thursday. This was my first attempt at a drawing. For some reason, I had a real itch to draw cars – something on my mental drawing list. But ended up un-satisfied with the proportions against the building I later added.

28/03/2019 – Starbucks

As you can see in the previous image, the gloves were on as it was FAREEZIN’! The next sketch, therefore, HAD to be indoors – cue the clammer to fill that caffeinated addiction. Thankfully, I found an unassuming subject working away in the corner on a school night – poor chap. Thankfully for me, he maintained the same pose the entire time (unlike the other people above).

29/03/2019 – Coach Park Lunch

This is what happens when you have too many tourists in one location. It’s impossible to find a good place to sit in peace, eat and draw (especially now springs here). Having wondered around aimlessly, I finally found a free bench in the sun, but all I could see was a row of tourist coaches and a motorbike. Brilliant! 🙄

30/03/2019 – Houses of Bath Collage

I started this doodle on Saturday morning and carried it on while on the train on Sunday. It definitely made the journey seem a lot quicker. I’m determined to master single line drawing (i.e. not going over the same line twice). Or as I prefer to think of it, ‘making the best out of a bad situation’ drawing.

That’s it for this week.

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18/03 – 24/03/2019 Sketches

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Welcome back to a weekly review of my sketching progress. This week, I joined up with a group of urban sketchers and sketched Bath from a roof terrace among other things.

19/03/2019 – Windows of Bath

This was a nod to an earlier attempt in my first white sketchbook. I particularly liked the richness of the white Posca pen coming through on the grey paper.

20/03/2019 – Dear Aunty Brenda

A really really sad day for Zambia as we lost our ambassador to Kenya in tragic circumstances. I was ill and off work that day and as a result had a lot of time to reflect and mourn a former Sunday School teacher at my church. This sketch from a photo will be my lasting memory of her bright beaming smile – a truly inspirational African woman.

20/03/2019 – The Good Bear Cafe

One thing I struggle to do is stay indoors for a whole day, even when I’m ill. I just can’t do it!

Having been in bed all day, I got some much needed fresh air and went to explore a cafe I’d seen but never been to. I found the perfect seat in the window and drew the street scene outside.

21/03/2019 – Queen Square Section

By this point in the week, I had caught the sketching bug again and was churning them out quicker than I could upload on social media. This was drawn on location within 15-20mins and the subtle colours [below] were added later.

23/03/2019 – Doors of Bath

Similar to the ‘Windows of Bath’, I did a collage of doors. I first drew the outlines loosely, then roughly added the inner details from my bus ride home. I imagine it to be awkward standing outside someone’s door drawing their house, hence why I’d recommend it this way. As usual, the colours and shading were added later.

23/03/2019 – Urban Sketchers Group

I joined a group of urban sketchers on Saturday and we hit the roof terrace of Hall and Woodhouse. Being the morning, we essentially had it to ourselves which was awesome! I loved how everyone’s style in the group was completely unique; we shared tips, materials & people who inspire our style to collectively improve.

Also, note the oversized seagull in my drawing. It was the first thing I drew as I didn’t know how much time I’d have before it flew off. Then randomly added stuff around it to suit.

23/03/2019 – Bath Abbey Square

We quickly grabbed some lunch before hitting the busy Bath Abbey Square. We enjoyed some chilled guitarists tunes as we sketched them. This was the only sketch this week in my brown sketchpad and I was generally chuffed with it.interestingly, we had several tourists taking pictures and videos of us drawing – pressure ‘ey! 😁

23/03/2019 – Night Light / People Watching

I rushed to catch my bus and once on it, we waited another 15mins before leaving. The perils of public transport. As ever, I started sketching people out of the window later adding the night light from the street.

24/03/2019 – Bath Skyline

Finally, I spent Sunday afternoon chilling with a good friend watching football, catching up and sketching this incredible view. Bath is in the shape of a bowl – I think of the Roman Baths in the centre as the plughole lol. You’re generally going up or down whichever direction you head in which creates several amazing views over the city or up towards the surrounding hills.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

Dear Aunty Brenda 😢

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As I scrolled through social media last night in stunned silence, the memories came flooding through my tears. The paths that you took were never easy or the obvious choice. As such, you became a constant trailblazer and inspiration to so many as you rose to the highest of levels. Your final post as Zambian High Commissioner to Kenya a sign of your intelligence and sheer determination. A Sunday school teacher, mother, wife, author and singer among many other things, you remained down to earth and approachable with an ever beaming smile. It was always inspiring seeing you on tv representing Zambia police as spokeswoman. Even though I was young, it made me realise that I too could achieve great things. It is such a huge loss to the country and more so to your loved ones. May God provide comfort in this time of mourning.

I’ll finish with the closing statement from your lecture at Strathmore University, Nairobi:

“In life, you don’t need to follow the road that everybody else has taken. Take the road that has not been trodden; full of grass, no path, and be a trailblazer.” (H.E. Brenda Muntemba)


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