“Mindless Violence” – Short Poem

As blade sinks deep into another brothers soul,
Story of Cain and Abel comes right back to the fore.
When brother hates brother enough to end his life,
Why do we choose this pathway that leads us into strife?
Blood on his hands as he flees the scene and weeps,
Him and his boys scamper and behind leave the deceased,
Started out as kids stealing pepsi cans and sweets,
But nowadays being stopped and asked questions by police.
Head bowed to the ground wishing no-one ever noticed him,
As judge tries to work out what on earth his motive is,
Barely raised his head as the final sentence is passed,
“25 to life!” But how long will this kid last?
Another young life now wastes behind bars,
If only he’d seen sense before it got this far,
The crew that once followed him are nowhere to be found,
The only bit of company? The four walls that surround.
I write this as a plea to end this mindless violence,
On behalf of my brothers who died in brutal silence,
I pray that as society we’ll heed the words of Jesus,
To love and treat each other as nothing less than equals.
He doesn’t just end there, and goes a little further,
Saying to hate somebody is to commit murder,
Instead of sit and judge another man’s senseless act,
I pray “Father forgive me, my own selfish heart.”
© 2015, by Gome

Architecture: “Isn’t that like 7 years?”

1-1 Detail (near)

1:1 Detail Section – Part of final year Architecture & Planning projectSketch - Me Sketch - Shoes

Background: So I’ve just met someone for the first time and not long into our conversation this tends to happen.

Person: “So, what do you do?”

Me: “I study Architecture and Planning”

Person: “Oh wow. Architecture? Isn’t that like, 5 years?”

Me: “Um… no, its actually 7 [UK standard] but its broken up…”

Person: “7 years?????? That’s worse than being a doctor..”

*My Head*: *think happy thoughts*.. *must think happy thoughts*

Self-motivation is such a struggle sometimes and on a course of this length the emphasis is even greater to get you across that line.

But why so long? The general structure in the UK means that you study your Part 1 for 3 years (4 in my case with planning), work a year in industry, study a further 2 years (Part 2), then do Part 3 exams before finally becoming a registered architect. I probably lost you halfway through that sentence and many people are switched off at the thought of studying for so long, but is it 7 years of sheer doom and gloom?

The thing about architecture that I’ve learnt to treasure most on my relatively “short” journey (so far) is studio-culture. The design studio is what I would call the ‘brains factory,’ where designs, ideas, knowledge and thoughts are bounced around, shared with peers and tutors alike and ultimately tested to see if they would work in reality. I’ve seen some weird, wacky, outrageous and brilliant creations formed in these spaces and a real sense of community exists there.

The past week has been a great example of this. As part of our on-going final year project, we were each asked to hand draw a detailed 1:1 scale (which is real-life scale) cut-through of the buildings we’re proposing, with a human figure to illustrate scale. This meant a week spent working in a particular space with particular people around you. With limited tutor contact hours and lots of us doing details we weren’t particularly familiar with, it meant an intense week of collaborating with others to figure out what exactly was needed. This really encouraged us to interact and share knowledge, food, music, laughs, and life. It all culminated in some incredible drawings yesterday afternoon, but also increased friendship bonds between us.

Why do I share this? If you have a passion for something, don’t let what others say discourage you or limit your potential. In the words of US singer/songwriter ‘Pitbull’ (I know, you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this, but bare with me) he says “Reach for the stars and if you don’t grab ’em at least you’ll fall on top of the world”. In saying this, you still need to be ready to grind through hardship and struggle. It won’t be plain sailing and even the best, most talented minds I’ve had the privilege of working with have their ‘off days.’

The thought (and now reality) of several of my peers ‘settling’ into the working world long before I ever leave uni scares me sometimes. But I never lose hope and I’m greatly comforted by the words of Ecclesiastes 3:1 [below] which helps put things in perspective. It makes me “look past where I am and see where I should be” (another quote from a song.. ‘It Would Take All Day – by Kirk Franklin’).

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.”

(Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Mess (With Lyrics) – B.Reith


Somebody get me out this mess I’m in
See I’ve been tryin’ to do the best I can
But I keep on stumblin’ over and over again
I ain’t got no more excuses for ya
All that I can say is sorry
Won’t you please come rescue me as quickly as you can

It’s crazy how far we go
Just to put a little gas in our ego
That’s what happens when your self esteem is low
We’ll do anything to get people to notice us I know
It’s tough but hey, imagine us throwin’ our lives away
Because we’re listenin’ to the voice inside that chants
Says we’ll never be significant if we can’t
Fit in so we get into all kinds of trouble tryin’ to be somebody we’re not
Since in the beginning we’ve been givin’ into the lie that says that we got
To keep up with the Jones’s or get left behind
So we end up in debt tryin’ to catch up it’s messed up
‘Cause ten years from now we can’t press rewind
I want to invest in what stands the test of time


I’m so sick and tired of being down and out
Tryin’ to do what’s right but wrong keeps comin out
I keep on tryin to write but songs ain’t comin out
Plus now I’m getting older and time is runnin out I know,
Growth’s a process but I can’t see my progress
And I’m startin’ to feel that my labor’s in vain
So I hold on to the promise instead of my problems
Otherwise this stress is gonna drive me insane
Yes there’s more to life than workin’ 9 to 5
Buyin’ things that make you feel fuzzy inside
I tried it and it worked at first for five minutes
But left me in the cold to hang like icicles oh!
Now I’m froze like a popsicle
Feel’s like my mission’s impossible
I’m stuck up in a maze full of obstacles
Keep on ending where I’m not supposed to go


I just want to be okay with who I am, not have to run away
I’m so tired of trends I can’t keep pretending
Playing these foolish games


Learn generosity when you are poor

Sky Sports Pic..because sharing doesn’t always come naturally to us..

“Each of you should give what you have decided to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

(2 Corinthians 9:7)

This verse struck me at a specific time last year when I was simply looking out for ‘number 1’ [myself] with little to no real regard for others. As a student, getting a loan is such a grand feeling and your first thought, besides catching up on bills, is “what can I spend it on?” Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with spending money on yourself – by all means, do. It’s great! But when that consideration for “self” far outweighs that for others or greater still God, then alarm bells should start ringing. Jesus puts it like this:

“Love The Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: love your neighbour as yourself.”

(Matthew 22:37-39)

We can be generous of our time, money, hospitality, possessions, etc. A helpful acronym in considering how to apply this is this:

JOY = Jesus Others Yourself

Prayer: – To learn what generosity looks like in my life

– To look to Jesus as the example of how to love my neighbour

– To be more generous even when I have little as it will be of great benefit when I have a lot

Father I Turn to You (by Jahaziel)

LYRICS: See, I remember back then back when I was lacking in understanding. Gospel rapping, but words and actions just weren’t matching. Knowledge I was lacking. Weak defence had me entangled and trapped in the sins I preached against. Guilt complex is my recompense. I’m sliding! Why don’t I just speak to my friends instead of hiding? Told the whole clan the old man died in baptism. Who was I kidding? Fact is that I was backsliden. Lacking vision with my candle hidden under covers. I’m only on evangelism when I’m with my brothers. Secret lovers with the devils old lies. Denied the most high. To scared to break the soul-tied, so I continued doing shows and tours. Hope nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. Surrounded by so-called friends, which one should I call on? Trying to tell them I was alright, but I was all wrong.

Lord, hear me please? Renew a right spirit within me.

Lord clean my heart, make me whole, cover me.

Lord, don’t even leave, won’t you please have mercy on me?

Heal my mind, set me free, Father I turn to you.

See, I was blaming Satan and the world for my spiritual state of health till I checked out flesh in the mirror and spelt “S.E.L.F” as the prime suspect and culprit. Preaching from the highest pulpit but in the prayer room I’m claustrophobic. I know its deep, I know I’m weak, you know me forever gossiping but when its time for witnessing I’m slow to speak. When its time to pray, I go to sleep. Time to fast, I go and eat. Time to stand and praise, I’d rather hold a seat. Back row, act low, hoping nobody notice me cause it ain’t hard to see I’m not what I’m supposed to be. But I don’t want to hear no lecture cause all I’ve got is peer pressure messing with my head like a hair dresser – its stressing me out! Doubt and fear had me in Trafalgar Square nearly drowning in beer. Loud and clear I need to change, but I didn’t know how thinking “maybe they’d be safety in the marital vows.” Thought that I could make a fresh start, all I did was break a fresh heart. We’re like vampires when it gets dark. My problems need to be solved and I’d be just a fool to get another involved. I need to make a resolve. Either be HOT or be COLD. Revelation 3:16 has got to be told; “Lukewarmness is going to be puked from the Lord’s mouth.” I read the chapter and knew I had to choose now. My head bowed as mad tears fell to the ground thinking of days when I was proud to be called God’s child. Now its all wild! I’ve been living foul. I want to turn around and live a lifestyle to make Christ smile. For too long I’ve been missing my place, dissing His grace and every time I sin it’s like I spit in his face. Time for living by faith, time for giving Him praise, time to fall prostrate on my face no time to waste and sing:

Lord, hear me please? Renew a right spirit within me.

Lord clean my heart, make me whole, cover me.

Lord, don’t even leave, won’t you please have mercy on me?

Heal my mind, set me free, Father I turn to you.

When I prayed that prayer sincerely, its like the Lord just answered me back and he spoke to my heart and this is what he said to me:

He said “Turn to me and live eternally, I know you don’t deserve to be blessed but yet mercifully I’m putting your sin on my son up on the cross, I promise you my best you’ve just got to give me yours.”

Chipolopolo 2015: Can history repeat itself?

Zambia African Champions

Abstract: Short poem about the Zambia national football team (aka Chipolopolo or Copper Bullets). In the build up to the Africa Cup of Nations 2015, I reflect on Zambia’s astonishing and historic victory at the 2012 edition of the tournament. Could it happen again?

We sat crouched! Fingers crossed, hearts pounding,

Awaiting the result that would leave them all astounded.

A young man steps up to lay stake among the greats,

Sunzu his name, one kick and then we celebrate.


“The elephants”, they called them, as a sign of their power,

Yet they seemed to falter at their supposed ‘divine hour.’

Not a chance was given against such opposition,

Yet if they lose now they’ll be a mass inquisition.

One step, two step, three step, BOOM!

A sharp piercing silence suddenly fills the room.

The weight of this moment precedes grown men’s cries,

As we remember our dearly loved brothers who died.

Years before they chased the same final destination,

Only to have their lives cut short like abbreviations.

KK11 we remember you still today,

May your spirit of ambition spur us on as we play.


So many greats have risen since your sad and sudden fate,

Kalusha, Tana, Lota, among many candidates.

But none awarded the privilege to lift the great cup,

Till the lads of 2012, an unlikely make-up.


Woohoo! We did it! Come and have a look,

Though all the doubters still claim it was only but a fluke.

Yes, ok. We’ve had a blip from then until now,

But now we’re ready, ‘bola panshi’ playing style.

The fans they yell “Chipolopolo! Iyeeeee,”

Love us or loath us, we have come here to stay,

Whether at home, in town or even a cafe,

Go Go Zambia! We’ll cheer you all the way.

My Testimony – New Life


Abstract: Find out the story of how I became a Christian (follower of Jesus), what that means for me now and how that affects my future.

I grew up in a calm, loving, Christian family as the youngest of 5 kids. I was brought up to believe in a God that loved me enough to die in my place even when I never knew I needed saving. As kids, we would attend Sunday school virtually every week where we’d learn more about God (who he was, his love, what that meant for us, etc).

As I grew slightly older, I became more aware of the fact that none of the things I did made me a Christian, not even my upbringing, family ties or even the fact that I went to church, read my bible and prayed every now and again.

It says in the bible “If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” (Romans 10:9). That means ultimate forgiveness of passed, present and future wrongs.

One sunny afternoon (well, most afternoons are sunny in Zambia!), my bro and I were playing and generally messing around as usual. Our conversation rapidly became more serious as we started talking about God (I was 8 at the time). He asked if I was a Christian. Knowing all I did from Sunday school, I knew that I hadn’t taken a personal step of faith of asking Jesus into my life. I believed he existed and loved me, but had never asked him into my life. So I answered “no.”

Our conversation continued and I remember feeling a huge sense of guilt for not acknowledging God more in my life, especially given how much I knew already. I must have shed a wee tear as I prayed to ask him to forgive my wrong doing and asked him to come into my life. After praying this, there was an overwhelming sense of joy that filled my young heart that to this day I can’t explain other than it being something of God.

The bible makes no promises that being a Christian will make life easier. In fact, it promises quite the opposite. The road ahead will get tougher.

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” (Matthew 7:13-14)

As I’ve grown older, I have experienced several difficulties and trials but these have only served as evidence of the bible verse above. For example, the past 3 years, I’ve lost a cousin, my grandma and my uncle – very difficult and distressing times. It still breaks my heart whenever I think about it. The difficulty of being so far from home [Zambia], complication and expense of travel made things even tougher. I have no doubt that God placed the individuals he used into my life to help lighten the burden of broken-heartedness and I’m forever grateful (you know yourselves).

My journey is on the narrow road that leads to life and the current pleasures that are promised by the wide road are like a mirage in the desert, they look appealing to ease my current woes but vanish in an instant in the end. My understanding of the bible and love for God has grown tremendously.

People often refer to the bible as the “good news” of Jesus. But what exactly makes it so good? I always remember Dwayne Tryumf – a London based gospel rapper – once indicating that if it is in fact “good news,” then there must be some bad news that precedes it in order to make the ‘good’ news ‘good’, right? Well, that’s what I’d like to talk about briefly as I conclude because I believe it has huge implications on the choice of whether to believe in God or not.

The bible speaks of God creating all things perfect in the beginning including mankind (Genesis 1-2), but by chapter 3 we had turned our backs on him and in effect chosen to be our own gods and the rulers of our own destinies. This meant that the close relationship we once had with God was now cut off. This judgement was passed down to all descendants and generations that followed Adam and Eve (the first man and woman) and the ultimate punishment for this is death and separation from God forever.

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 6:23)

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23)

But God, because he loved us, showed us mercy and offered himself as a perfect sinless sacrifice to die in our place. He came into the world as a baby, Jesus (the reason we celebrate Christmas), and died the death that took away the Father’s anger towards us and was buried with it. But, as we celebrate at Easter, he rose from the dead three days later having defeated sin and death.

What This All Means? For my future, I live in expectancy and knowledge of a future life spent with God in heaven. But this is not some fluffy grey bearded god-like character that sits up in the clouds somewhere and is distant and always passing judgement, as he’s so often portrayed. He is a very personal and relational God. Christianity is not about being religious but all about a relationship.

My closing challenge to you, if you’re still with me, is to not simply take my word for it but look these claims up for yourself.

“Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God” (John 1:12).

The Angry Sharpness Monster

Background: Sharpness is a village in Gloucestershire county, England and is the location for my final year architecture project. This short fictional story is the result of a day-long story telling workshop which pushed our imaginations to create weird and wonderful stories. Here’s mine.


Dissolute! That’s the only way to describe it,
Nothing much to do there you could hardly even hide it.
But scratch under its surface and there lay vast opportunity,
A story told of fisherman Trevor and his near bravery.

Not much sleep was had as he set off at break of dawn,
The thought of being at sea always had his attention drawn.
Off he went red eyed and yawning like a hippo,
Under the iron bridge, through the lock and past the silo.

As mist and fog lay low over the Severn’s near horizon,
He suddenly steered violently to prevent a near collision.
“What was that,” he anxiously muttered under his breath,
As the sea arose he feared he’d capsize to his imminent death.

A dark slithering shadow appeared in the deep blue waters,
A moment of sheer panic replaced by thoughts of his wife and daughters.
With forearm over his brow, eyes squinting to try and see,
He finally realised what the mass in the river could be.

For years he’d heard tales of the beast that lay beneath,
Claiming the lives of fishermen with its gigantic teeth.
He would ordinarily pass these tales off as nothing new,
Or tales by blokes at the country club who’d simply ‘had a few’.

He charged back through the lock with monster in close pursuit,
Back under the iron bridge he tried to remain resolute.
So dark he couldn’t find his barring’s using the tall cranes,
He felt lost and trapped, like being bound in iron chains.

Only weapon on board was a plank and fishing rod,
But how would that challenge such a creature so thick and broad?
Up and down the canal his eyes rapidly browsed,
Knowing the anger of the Sharpness Monster had been aroused.

Suddenly! All fell silent and the waters remarkably calm,
And all he could hear was the voice of his nagging mum.
For just as all within him wanted to yell and scream,
He awoke relieved realising he’d simply had a bad dream.

(By Gome, 2014)

Welcome to my world!

Hi. Welcome to my world!

Journey with me Journey with me…

My name is Gome, a young Christian and student of architecture. I love football, piano, drumming, art, travel, writing, and cooking among other interests that I intend to share in this blog. As I share these insights, I aspire to inspire, encourage, motivate and humour you, my audience. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Why Reposed Thought? The word ‘repose’ is inspired by a first year design project where we were asked to create 3 spaces (for repose, conviviality and making) using 3 shapes (circle, square, triangle) and encouraged to develop a story narrative for how each space connected to the other. The term evokes a state of rest or tranquillity and when fused with the word ‘thought’ gives the idea of reflection (tranquil reflection). As a Christian, I find it particularly valuable spending time in the quiet place, whether its reading the bible or walking and praying as it helps renew my strength.

“Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High [God] will rest in the shadow of the Almighty” (Psalm 91:1)

Expressing myself through different media has always been a feature of my life even from an early age. Whether it was a creative writing exam, or sketching a place we visited on holiday from memory, my early years were spent absorbing my surroundings – kind of like a sponge. I feel ready to now share what I’ve learned.

2015 is a special year for me as I celebrate spending exactly half my life in Zambia (my homeland) and half in England – two somewhat similar yet vastly different experiences. Their cultures, climate (still finding England cold), food, people, norms, and traditions have undoubtedly helped shape my character, tolerance and overall perspective of the world.

I invite you to join me on my first EVER blogging journey to see what the world looks like through my eyes.

Enjoy the ride.

Bless 🙂