“Tales of an Introvert” – Short Poem

Plant 1

Background: As I reclined late last Monday night and listened to Lupe Fiasco’s ‘Little Death’ instrumental, words gradually formed in my mind and a week and a half later, this is the result. Enjoy! Note: This is not the experience of everyone that would consider themselves an introvert.

As I sit and reminisce on a day gone by,

I’m left reeling, wishing “maybe I could turn back time?”

Wish I said all of the things that were locked up in my mind,

But now times gone, it feels like I’m wasting mine.

Feeling lost and alone like a dog without a bone,

Or better yet, a centre-back that’s not marking his zone,

Outcast, like a rapper that’s not flashing his chrome,

Though his got it in abundance, and everybody knows.

World seems like a puzzle that my piece won’t fit,

Say I’m shy and retiring, or I just don’t fit,

The world seems like a stage for those that are extroverted,

The thoughts of an introvert, poetically illustrated.

Opportunities to say things on the tip of my tongue,

When placed in a group, my head slowly drops to the ground,

Like a number in the crowd, feel I’m lost and can’t be found,

So I scramble for my scrapbook to ink thoughts down.

I recharge in solitude, for there lies my fortress,

Walks, music or books, the places I find my fortunes,

Acceptance not needed, I can be who I am,

For God loves me enough, he even came as a man.

Introverts such as Ghandi, Abe Lincoln and Einstein,

All well known thinkers, notable in their lifetimes,

So I don’t need to change how my image is portrayed,

For I know that I’m “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

© 2015, by Gome

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made”

Psalm 139:14

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