“Anti-Social Media” – Short Poem


The sun comes up as the birds sing and tweet,

First thing on her mind was an early morning treat.

Eggs, bacon, hash browns, on her plate they touch down,

Wants to feel loved, and spend time with those around.

But no one else was there, so she posts pics on the internet,

900 friends, but no one there to share the moment with.

‘Click, click, snap,’ was the sound of her phone cam,

Tiny little edit, then it hits Instagram.

5 minutes gone, and not a single response,

“Has anyone even noticed? Should my image be withdrawn?”

10 minutes in, a single like lit her face,

But all that did was hide her sad and lonely state.

As the day continued, she uploaded more selfies,

Trying to reassure herself that she was worthy.

Commutes into work, plugs herself into Spotify,

Ignores the whole world on her way to work a 9 to 5.

Job so intense, she needs Twitter to get through it,

Like an addict with a fix, she feels better when she do it.

Surface level chats with her colleagues and workmates,

“Nothing too deep mate, we don’t need a debate.”

Texts friends endlessly, to give her some company,

“Lol” and “lmao,” though she sits there quietly,

Boss thinks she’s working, when he sees her screens backdrop,

But when he’s out of site, she’s on Facebook on her laptop.

Overhears a big argument on train home, she was loving it!

“Live updates on Facebook, I could get a load of likes for this!”

Pretends she’s not listening, or plugged into some music,

Her online ‘followers’ found it quite amusing.

30, 40 likes. And all this within an hour,

Gets home, has dinner and then a quick shower,

Then rushes for her phone, as though there’s no tomorrow,

Moments spent with others, replaced by comments, likes and follows.

What happened to the days when friends would meet up in person?

Instead of hide behind screens, like backstage behind a curtain.

Lets stop! Unplug and enjoy, as life comes at a premium,

And stop wasting our lives on this ‘anti-social media.’

© 2015, by Gome

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