2 Month Review: Feb 2015


Thanks again for your support. Here’s a quick summary of what I’ve been up to over the past month in the blogger-sphere. Still lots to come, so stay tuned 🙂

All posts (Feb 12 – March 12)

– “Poor Man’s Tale” – Short Poem – Inspired by an experience I had a few weeks earlier when 2 homeless people asked for money. My response was like most people, I presume, but was I right?


– 1 Month Review – Top 10 Posts – Review of last month’s blog posts


– “Tales of an Introvert” – Short Poem – An introverted perspective on life.


– What is love? – Valentines special. The bibles definition of what love is.


– Welcome Home – Guvna B (ft Ja Rule Interlude) – Thought provoking music challenging the traditional view of church being for a specific type of person. Also features interview with BET, MTV and GQ award winner Ja Rule whose view of church as ‘strict’ was flipped in an incredible experience. Well worth a listen.


– Letter to Hip Hop – Reflections on the song ‘Dear Hip Hop – by Bizzle’ who challenges the lessons that mainstream hip hop teaches us. Check it out.


– Football Culture: An emotional connection – As a football lover, I share my thoughts on the weight of emotion that we often place on the beautiful game.


– “Anti-social Media” – Short Poem – Losing touch with those around because of endless ‘social media’ distractions?Here’s a short poem inspired by this very topic.


Updated Pages:

– YouTube Channel (updated) – My covers of several songs I like. Enjoy!


– About (updated) – Still unsure what the blogs about, check out the about me page.


Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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