“Easter” – Short Poem


Brutal injustice, that led to such agony!

Look up on his face, and you’d almost stop recognising it.

Smug faces in the crowd, all point and laugh in ecstasy,

Just as he predicted, all his friends had simply run away.

Just before, he stood trial for a crime he didn’t commit,

The corrupt justice system is what led to all of this,

A choice between a criminal and him, they chose the latter,

And proceeded with mob justice, his back they whipped and battered.

Fast forward a few hours, there he hung in shame and mockery,

Along with two others, mounted high on three crosses.

Colourful language hurled, a shameful way to go,

The greater purpose unseen, at this point they didn’t know.

Three hours gone, as day suddenly turns to night,

The crowds that were mocking him, fled away in fright,

A man simply exclaimed, “surely, this was the Son of God!”

The temple curtain tares, what a moment to behold.

He cries in a loud voice, as he takes his final breathe,

The very Son of God, now passes into death.

Though not physically there, I too was in the crowd,

I hate, mock and abuse him, in my heart or out loud,

Pretend to ignore the brutal nails of injustice,

I helped crucify the very one who shows what ‘just’ is.

Three days after death, some women walked to his grave,

The scene that would follow, left them joyfully afraid,

“It’s empty! There’s no guards! The stones been rolled away!”

An angel at the scene says, “do not be afraid!”

The one you call The Christ, who days ago was crucified,

Is no longer dead, but has risen back to life!!

For God so loved the world that He gave his only Son,

That whoever believes him, should not perish but have life,

If we confess to him, all our shortcomings and sins,

And consider all else worthless, and simply cling to him,

He is faithful and just, to forgive us of our wrongs,

And restore us to the father, like a marriage from divorce.

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