5 Month Review: May 2015

Bristol Harbourside

Hello. Summers virtually here and I haven’t been as busy on the blogging front, but here’s a quick look back on all posts from the last month. To bulk it up a little, I’ve also included some previous posts you may have missed. Thanks again for stopping by, supporting and engaging with the material 🙂

All Posts (May 12 – June 12, 2015)

– Visiting Belfast, Northern Ireland [PHOTOGRAPHY] – Taken while on a recent visit to this lovely city. Check it out!!


– “Budget Airline Tales” – Short Poem [POETRY] – Inspired to write this while sat in the departure lounge on route to Belfast.


One’s you may have missed

– The Angry Sharpness Monster [POETRY] – Resulting from a day long story telling/creative writing workshop as part of my final year


– Chipolopolo 2015: Can History Repeat Itself? [POETRY] – A throwback to the “good times” of Zambian football, namely 2012 edition of the Africa Cup. I wrote this poem just before the tournament this year, but sadly we fell drastically short of our own standards set in 2012.


– Learn generosity when you are poor [THOUGHTS] – A few thoughts on generosity, inspired by a sermon I heard around that time


– Mindless Violence – Short Poem [POETRY] – Short, Snappy, rhyming poem against mindless violence. Written back in January, it was one of my early favourite poems


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