6 Month Review: June 2015

Cabot Circus Mall, Bristol

Wow! Half a years gone by and still the journey continues. Thanks so much for supporting, encouraging and helping push me forward as I’ve shared various thoughts, lessons and life experiences. I pray you’ve found at least some of it useful and have been blessed in one way or another. As usual, here’s the monthly review of all blog posts. Stay tuned as there’s already more being cooked up at present. God bless

All Posts (June 12 – July 12 2015)

– Final Year Architecture Project – A food centre in rural England inspired by the food cycle stages (growth, consumption, organic waste). Project includes a cookery school, farmers market and restaurant. Check it out here.


– Search Me, O GodChallenging, heart-searching words of wisdom from a Christian perspective. A deep rooted prayer from the bible.


– That Train RideColourful photographic trip across parts of the English ‘West Country’ as seen through the lens of my train window seat.


– RT has changed – Welcome to the new look ‘Reposed Thought’ website with a more user friendly interface and information about new features.


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