8 Month Review – August 2015

Hello again, thank you so much for sticking with me on Reposed Thought these past 8 months. I love being able to have this platform where I can simply let my thoughts bleed and where others can share in these thoughts. Wherever you joined the journey, thanks for passing by (even if it was only to the next stop). As ever, here’s a summary of my blogging activities over the past month. Thanks again for your support and God bless 🙂

All Posts (Aug 12-Sept 12)

  • 22Aug2015 Photography (22 Aug) – Took these photos on a lovely sunny day. These can be few and far between in England, but have to be made the most of when they appear. We have been blest with a great summer this year.


  • Morning Run Thoughts (28 Aug) – Just a few passing thoughts I was inspired to write after on a morning run. “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap.. and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” (Matthew 6:26)


  • MySpace – by Flame (Careful what you post) (3 Sept) – US rapper, ‘Flame,’ shares his thoughts on the dangers of social media in this old favourite of mine. Very thought provoking lyrics and challenging message. Have a listen here:


  • Tales of Devastation – Short Poem (10 Sept) – The ongoing crisis in Syria with people fleeing the war and the escalating migrant crisis facing Europe are the themes that inspired this latest poem. Have a read:


Tales of Devastation – Short Poem

As I sit and watch the news, can’t help but stare bemused,

With mouth wide open, I’m dazed, sad and confused,

At this stark situation, tales of devastation,

Families ripped apart, and destroyed past restoration,

While hundreds and thousands are fleeing by the hour,

Armies, groups and factions, all fight to gain power,

With little food to eat, and no place to go,

Victims in the middle, with safety their goal,

Fleeing in a scurry, overcrowded at night,

They clamber onto boats, holding on for dear life,

Some sons, some daughters, some husbands, some wives,

Some students, some teachers, in search of better lives,

Ahead lies confusion, frustration and queues,

But many die unnoticed, a few make the news,

A little baby drowns, heart wrenching the sight,

Innocent heart stopped, caught in another’s fight,

Gruesome and graphic, the fresh memories of war,

They float away wailing, their home is no more,

Syria! Oh Syria! We mourn with you today,

And pray for your peace, may The Lord make a way,

Your people dispersed, through many lands and seas,

May order be restored, and fire truly cease.

©2015, by Gome

MySpace – by Flame (Careful what you post)

Old But Pure Gold!

Back in the days when social media was still in its relative infancy, US Christian rapper Flame came onto the music scene with his self titled debut album ‘FLAME’ (2004). With early hits like ‘To my Heart’ and ‘Racial Diversity’, he really brought a challenging but (rarely seen) positive dimension to the hip hop movement. On his third album (Our World: Fallen), he delivered the hit MySpace, which looked at why we post what we do on social media. Its a story that is still relevant today (except its not MySpace, Bebo or Hi5. Instead its Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pintrest and so much more). Despite the changing times, however, one thing remains the same as we still (almost exclusively) share our “best self” on social media. The story in this song is that of young Chanté Andrea Jones, whose feeling down and lonely because she’s not being shown love at home.

“Young Chanté Andrea Jones, never met her father and mama’s never home,

Plus she’s 15 and she lies about her age. She’s always on her phone or her Myspace page.”

(Flame – MySpace ft. Diamone)

In search of acceptance, she turns to her so-called online friends (some who she knows, others she doesn’t). What follows is a series of messages with a guy she doesn’t know, things escalate and before you know it they are meeting up face to face. I won’t spoil it too much (I probably have already, sorry), but ultimately the message is to be careful what we share online. We don’t know who we are inviting into our lives without knowing it. Have a listen to his thoughts in this thought provoking, lyrically sound and pretty sick tune (UK slang – google it) 😛


Song: Myspace

Artist: Flame (feat. Diamone)

Album: Our World: Fallen