Tales of Devastation – Short Poem

As I sit and watch the news, can’t help but stare bemused,

With mouth wide open, I’m dazed, sad and confused,

At this stark situation, tales of devastation,

Families ripped apart, and destroyed past restoration,

While hundreds and thousands are fleeing by the hour,

Armies, groups and factions, all fight to gain power,

With little food to eat, and no place to go,

Victims in the middle, with safety their goal,

Fleeing in a scurry, overcrowded at night,

They clamber onto boats, holding on for dear life,

Some sons, some daughters, some husbands, some wives,

Some students, some teachers, in search of better lives,

Ahead lies confusion, frustration and queues,

But many die unnoticed, a few make the news,

A little baby drowns, heart wrenching the sight,

Innocent heart stopped, caught in another’s fight,

Gruesome and graphic, the fresh memories of war,

They float away wailing, their home is no more,

Syria! Oh Syria! We mourn with you today,

And pray for your peace, may The Lord make a way,

Your people dispersed, through many lands and seas,

May order be restored, and fire truly cease.

©2015, by Gome

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