Lost Ones – Short Poem

Rosy on the surface. It was rosy, on the surface.

Up close or at a distance, you’d say things were perfect.

See it in their eyes, that little glint of light,

The joy unspeakable that filled both their lives,

But soon there would be trouble, and unforeseen change,

Which led to separation, and hearts so full of rage.

Sudden turn of events, there was no indicator,

Of what brewed in the engine of its willing perpetrator,

Unseen through the eyes of its soon to be victim,

Who would be left asking, what on earth had just gripped him?

Once closer than ever, now it’s like they never met,

A friendship burnt out, like ashes off cigarettes,

Each night lonely tears would soak his dry pillow,

His face lay drooped, like leaves hung off a willow,

Not long since they burst into uncontrolled laughter,

Snorting in the process, but laughing ’bout it after,

Close friends, they’d stay up late to chat through the night,

Sharing little stories, precious memories of life.

Oh to be restored to how rosy things were,

B.F.F’s in their prime, just taking on the world,

They stood tall in the crowd, with shoulders ever broad,

Rolling like mavericks, no care what others thought,

A two man army; for their friend they always fought,

Yet now, these very words are just nostalgic thoughts.

©2015, by Gome

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