Chasing after the wind – Short Poem

Yesterday she was the one, yet today we call her old news,

And move onto the next one, our values greatly skewed,

Drowning in pornography; consume its views for breakfast,

It brainwashes effectively; makes our decisions reckless,

A false promise of no strings, that leave us feeling worthless,

It’s reach is so deceptive, and messes with our purpose,

One late night browse, one late tired click,

A few hours deep, we’re face-down in a pit.

Once bred behind closed doors, and often late at night,

Today it fills billboards, enticing men to slide,

Now carried in our pockets, it’s even more elusive,

Enemy uses all means; money, sex or music,

And dropping our defences, we’re lured away from God,

Instead of looking to the one, who bore sin at the cross,

Oh Father, please forgive us! Our broken generation,

We’ve turned from your desires, from way back in creation,

But seeing our desperation, you came down as a man,

Humble, weak, and poor; fully God, truly man,

Though tempted in your life, you stood firm in the struggle,

And lived a perfect life; our blueprint, our example.

We still chase after things, and miss out on your goodness,

You didn’t come to condemn, but give life in its fullness,

There is power in Jesus, to free us from addiction,

Free us from our sins, to live life in his freedom,

And though we look relentlessly, in search of life’s best,

Jesus tells us: “Come! And I will give you rest.”

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