Big City Dreams – Short Poem

This is the big city, the one that never sleeps,

Where my biggest ever dreams, are met with thoughts I can achieve,

This is the big city, where there’s unimagined wealth,

Though rich and poor parallel, share uneven wealth.


Blinded by the lights, I’m drawn in by the crowds,

An eclectic group of people, rubbing shoulders, without smiles,

Down its pebbled streets, I see things I’ve never seen,

And wonder at its structures; new heights I’ve never been.


“Country boy”, they call me, in this city of dreams,

But even I can tell, not all’s well, as it seems,

A short train ride, I see much depravation,

A shady high-rise, in need of urgent restoration,


The sun comes out, as kids play in the park,

But that very same place is ‘no go’, after dark,

I slow down and smile, at new faces that I meet,

But most push past, and almost knock me off my feet,


12 million people, yet I still feel lonely,

There’s nowhere like the city, to make you feel homesick,

With so much to absorb, I’m only starting my career,

But if I make it here, I can truly make it ANYWHERE.


©2016, By Gome


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