Words I Never Said – Short Poem

To my dearest Towela, where do I begin?

As I sit and reminisce, the words fail me within,

Our last conversation, I now contemplate,

Abruptness of what followed, made my heart disintegrate,

And crash into pieces; time may one day mend,

But in the mean time, I mourn your very sudden end,

The memories so fresh, like I just woke from a dream,

Except it’s the reality, I didn’t want to see.

Without much of a warning, you slipped away in silence,

And left us all in shock, much confusion, and sadness.

At first came the denial; refusal to believe,

That one so young, could leave us suddenly bereaved,

Yesterday we joked, and laughed at silly little things,

Played volleyball and chilled, as if we were kings,

Through different time zones, you always seemed to keep in touch,

The weight of others burdens, on your shoulders weren’t too much,

Your smile so inviting, greeted many on its path,

Your outward-looking self, pierced joy into my heart,

My dearest sweet cousin, I love and miss you dearly,

My friend and big sister, my heart bleeds for you deeply,

But now you’re at peace, in the loving arms of Jesus,

And though tears may fall, he’ll comfort and keep us.

In loving memory of Towela, my dear cousin who sadly passed away through short-term illness a few months ago Xx