Mundane – Short Poem

Mundane! Everyday is the same,

Wake up, go to work. Slowly going insane,

Third row, second carriage, on the high speed train,

So dull and tedious, but I shan’t complain,

Seemingly endless repetitive cycle,

Day after day, turning me to a psycho,

Early morning drizzle, with skyline grey,

Typical British summer, just your average day,

The early morning battles won the night before,

Always running late, I trudge through the door,

Same ‘smile-less’ faces on platform 6,

Lost in their own worlds of musical hits,

Some Jay Z, Daft Punk, or Blink 182,

Couldn’t really tell, just let my thoughts brew,

Not much interaction, as eyes scanned around,

Every man an island, whose space he’d found,

I finally obliged to the setting I was in,

Begrudgingly untangled and plugged myself in,

Scrolling and scrolling to find the right mix,

Scramble in my bag, trying to find duo twix,

Long day on *AutoCAD, just counting up bricks,

A long way to go, till half past 6,

*CAD (or AutoCAD) is a computer aided design software mainly used by people in the construction and engineering sectors.

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