Top 10 posts in 2016

Here’s a belated look back at your favourite content on Reposed Thought in 2016. Thanks for stopping by:

Top 10 Posts

1. Big City Dreams – Short Poem (poetry, creative writing)

2. Father I Turn To You (by Jahaziel) (Lyrically sound music)

3. Words I Never Said – Short Poem (poetry, creative writing)

4. Emeli Sande – Clown (my piano cover) (piano, music)

5. Chasing After The Wind – Short Poem (poetry, creative writing)

6. A Writers Struggle – Short Poem (poetry, creative writing)

7. Psalm 46:10 (Christian, graphics, photography)

8. Random Summertime Photography (photography, art)

9. S.O. – So It Ends (Lyrically sound music)

10. Morning Run Thoughts (thoughts, life)


2 Years and counting – Bloggerversary

Wow! Where has the time gone..

Thank you so much for following, liking, encouraging and supporting Reposed Thought to this point, it’s second birthday. Its so exciting to see this little hobby grow from its humble beginnings in the midst of deep procrastination to seeing out two amazing years of creative writing. It’s also been a real joy discovering other bloggers with similar interests in writing, poetry, photography and more.

Lessons learnt…

One of the biggest challenges has always been consistency. As most bloggers will tell you, it is so much easier to craft a well written piece than to consistently reproduce content of a high standing.

Top tip…

Post rubbish. By that I mean keep churning away, share incomplete stuff because the longer you try and perfect it, the further it will get from its route.

Every story is unique… Share yours!

A few months ago, I had the privilege of attending a football match along with nearly 90,000 others. Every one of us saw the same game, but each from his/her unique perspective. There was the eager cameraman on the touchline looking through his camera lens all game; the rowdy hooligan in row Z proudly donning his teams colours and singing like no-one was watching. And then there was me (no I wasn’t in row Z).

One of my goals from the outset was to inspire others through storytelling, poetry and simply life.

2 years on, I want to take this opportunity to say thanks for supporting me on this journey.. so far.

God bless