Top 10 posts in 2016

Here’s a belated look back at your favourite content on Reposed Thought in 2016. Thanks for stopping by:

Top 10 Posts

1. Big City Dreams – Short Poem (poetry, creative writing)

2. Father I Turn To You (by Jahaziel) (Lyrically sound music)

3. Words I Never Said – Short Poem (poetry, creative writing)

4. Emeli Sande – Clown (my piano cover) (piano, music)

5. Chasing After The Wind – Short Poem (poetry, creative writing)

6. A Writers Struggle – Short Poem (poetry, creative writing)

7. Psalm 46:10 (Christian, graphics, photography)

8. Random Summertime Photography (photography, art)

9. S.O. – So It Ends (Lyrically sound music)

10. Morning Run Thoughts (thoughts, life)


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