Zambia: Day Four – Chilling

Background: Recent extracts from my travel journal taken at the end of each day whilst on holiday in Zambia, my home country. Enjoy!

Day Four:

Chills, chills and more chills. The sun was out (again) and it was hot from as early as 8am. Earlier plans to do something fun fell through at the last minute, so the rest of the day was relaxed (which wasn’t the worst idea given all the recent travels).

Primary School Visit

I got to visit my primary school for only the second time since leaving 14yrs ago. So many memories flooded back as I walked around; sports days, classrooms, friends, teachers, swimming galas and so much more. While there were lots of changes, a lot of it still looked the same.

Out and about

To say some roads were better than others would be an understatement.


Took an evening stroll through Mukuba Mall, a large new mall built opposite one of our former homes. How convenient would that have been, ‘ey! The mall is built on the grounds of a former zoo.

Interesting to hear Christian music playing in the supermarket, something that just wouldn’t happen in England. Maybe at Christmas, but not randomly in March. One of my favourite songs by Hillsong called “Everlasting” played in Shoprite supermarket.

End of day four..

Another perfect way to end the day, sat round, laughing, chatting, and relaxing munching on groundnuts and maize. Lush!

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