Photo A Day Jan – Week 1

Stunning Sunset: No filter, just a slightly brightened phone pic. It was so good to have a chance to rest over Christmas and reflect on God’s goodness in the previous year. And to enjoy such wonders in creation.

Edgeware Road Tube Station, London – Used my favourite (well, only) photo editing app ‘Fotor’ for the blurred effect and filter. Love the app and would recommend to anyone.

Quiet Cafe Nero, Bath – Somehow managed to capture this quiet passing moment during a very busy lunch period in the cafe.

Saturday Church League Football – Always good fun (unless you lose 2-1 having gone 1-0 up with 15mins to go). Great game none the less with a good atmosphere. Great to be able to pray together before the match, to not have any (serious) injuries and increase fitness.

Royal Circus, Bath – One of my favourite places in the city to catch a quick break/stroll through.

Bath Bus Station – Caught a quick glimpse of this as I walked under the bath-stone underpass opposite. Interesting juxtaposition (coz that’s a big word for a Friday) between old and newer styles of Architecture.

Nothing quite like an 11am coffee break at work. They do make ’em good!

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