Drawing Challenge #7

The aim is to do as many detailed drawings as possible, as often as possible, to fill up my sketchbook by the end of the year.

This week, I veered away from the usual architectural drawings to do a self portrait. It’s good to practise your weaknesses and drawing people in depth I find particularly challenging.

What I used: 0.5mm pen straight onto paper, so no rubbing out.

How long it took: 1.5 hrs drawing (a bit longer snack hunting)

My first attempt: Here it is.. Drawing straight in pen forces you to make quick proportion decisions. This was particularly hard as I couldn’t rub anything out so I had to blend in any errors. #practisemakesperfect

Final Image: I love adding detail by shading and it helps taking your time and being meticulous.

Tip of the week: Grab a sketchbook if you can and start from wherever you are [ability wise]. The reason I suggest a sketchbook over loose bits of paper is that you can easily take it wherever you go but also monitor your progress. I found myself sat in a cafe a few weeks ago waiting for some friends and so I killed some time sketching.

I currently use an A5 size sketchbook. The thicker the GSM, the better quality paper.

Till next time folks..

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