Drawing Challenge #8

The aim is to do as many detailed drawings as possible, as often as possible, to fill up my sketchbook by the end of the year.

This afternoon, I spent a bit of time people watching and trying to capture their posture or stance. I came across this idea on YouTube earlier in the week and thought I’d try it out. I really liked their suggested way of capturing the whole image quickly, then adding detail later.

Doing this made me realise just how much people fidget and change their position (to my frustration at times). I’m sure I am exactly the same without realise it.

Each sketch took no more than 5mins and after the page was full, I added blocks of colour for some life.

Today’s Tip: Try and quickly sketch the skeleton of the pose first (within 10-15secs), then you can worry about the detail after – even make it up as you please. This is useful as the person will likely change position a few times.

Materials: 0.5mm pen & brush paints

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