09/02/19 Sketches

It was my day off and so I ventured out to a couple of iconic places in Bath with my new sketchbook. This brown-toned sketchbook works well with Bath architecture as it effectively does the colouring in for you.


I started off at the Royal Crescent, spending roughly 25-30 mins. First tip for a sketch is proportioning. Try to imagine what you want to draw fitting on your page. If it helps, try to set it out by lightly marking your page (I certainly find it useful).


To the left of The Crescent is Marlborough Buildings, a steep row of terraced houses. I like how each house repeats its neighbours geometric order while stepping up or down the hill.


A much harder place to draw was The Royal Circus. It’s circular plan with 3 entrances means it’s easier to draw in plan (birds eye view) than in perspective. I had an interesting chat with a guy whilst drawing who used to rent a place round the corner. He said he always used to come here everyday just because he could – and why wouldn’t you!!


– pen and ink

– toned sketchbook

– I later added some white pastel colours for contrast to the Crescent

Identity – Lecrae

“I’m not the shoes I wear,

I’m not the clothes I buy,

I’m not the house I live in,

I’m not the car I drive,

I’m not the job I work,

You can’t define my worth,

By nothing on God’s green earth,

My identity is found in Christ..”

Artist: Lecrae

Song: Identity

Where do you find your identity?

Drawing Challenge #13

The aim is to do as many detailed drawings as possible, as often as possible, to fill up my sketchbook by the end of the year.

This is a drawing of the exact same thing with 4 different times set: 5mins, 2mins, 1min and 30 secs.

What was fascination was that the less time spent on each sketch, the more I focussed on getting key information down – e.g. primary shapes & forms etc.

I’d recommend this as a fun activity for kids or if (like me) you’re looking to get back into sketching often.

Look out for the next post as it will be in quick..

Drawing Challenge #8

The aim is to do as many detailed drawings as possible, as often as possible, to fill up my sketchbook by the end of the year.

This afternoon, I spent a bit of time people watching and trying to capture their posture or stance. I came across this idea on YouTube earlier in the week and thought I’d try it out. I really liked their suggested way of capturing the whole image quickly, then adding detail later.

Doing this made me realise just how much people fidget and change their position (to my frustration at times). I’m sure I am exactly the same without realise it.

Each sketch took no more than 5mins and after the page was full, I added blocks of colour for some life.

Today’s Tip: Try and quickly sketch the skeleton of the pose first (within 10-15secs), then you can worry about the detail after – even make it up as you please. This is useful as the person will likely change position a few times.

Materials: 0.5mm pen & brush paints

Reposed Thought ain’t really closing!

Dear reader,

Due to the now ended pressures of April the 1st, I’m glad to announce that Reposed Thought will remain in existence.

Sorry to disappoint any of you haters, but (in the voice of Mr T) “RT ain’t going nowhere!” 😂

Thanks for all your peaked curiosity and some concern, as the graph shows.

Be sure to stay tuned for more [genuine] content currently in the works, including poetry, stories and general musings on life.

Peace x

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Reposed Thought is Closing Forever!

Dear Reader,

Thank You!

I’d like to firstly take this opportunity to sincerely thank you [ALL] for your consistent support, encouragement, likes, follows & comments of Reposed Thought (RT). It’s always been a huge encouragement and boost of confidence to hear from you. It has also been an incredible 3 year journey that I’ve learnt so very much from.

Shutting Down

With this in mind, therefore, this special announcement may / may not come as much of a surprise to you.

It is with zero regret but deepest sadness that I have to confirm I will be shutting down my blog Reposed Thought from operation in exactly 6 weeks time.

The 6 week period is part of a phasing out process that begins today and ends on Sunday 13th May 2018.


The reasons behind my decision will be explained in due course, but be sure to check out the video link below which gives a brief overview:


Many Thanks,