8 Month Review – August 2015

Hello again, thank you so much for sticking with me on Reposed Thought these past 8 months. I love being able to have this platform where I can simply let my thoughts bleed and where others can share in these thoughts. Wherever you joined the journey, thanks for passing by (even if it was only to the next stop). As ever, here’s a summary of my blogging activities over the past month. Thanks again for your support and God bless ūüôā

All Posts (Aug 12-Sept 12)

  • 22Aug2015 Photography (22 Aug) – Took these photos on a lovely sunny day. These can be few and far between in England, but have to be made the most of when they appear. We have been blest with a great summer this year.


  • Morning Run Thoughts (28 Aug) – Just a few passing thoughts I was inspired to write after on a morning run.¬†“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap.. and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” (Matthew 6:26)


  • MySpace – by Flame (Careful what you post)¬†(3 Sept) – US rapper, ‘Flame,’ shares his thoughts on the dangers of social media in this old favourite of mine. Very thought provoking lyrics and challenging message. Have a listen here:


  • Tales of Devastation – Short Poem¬†(10 Sept) – The ongoing crisis in Syria with people fleeing the war and the escalating migrant crisis facing Europe are the themes that inspired this latest poem. Have a read:


7 Month Review: July 2015

The Shard, London

..And we’re into¬†the second half of the year. Where is¬†2015 disappearing to?¬†As ever, thank¬†you¬†so much¬†for supporting¬†and encouraging me through this¬†first ever blogging adventure. Every time I have a conversation with someone about my blog,¬†I’m really humbled to know that you’re still engaging with it and (sometimes) even finding it thought provoking. Thanks for all the comments, likes, shares, follows, encouraging conversations and more.

If you are new to Reposed Thought, welcome! My¬†monthly reviews simply list all blog posts from the past¬†month¬†making it easier to find your favourite recent bits. Here¬†is July’s edition. If you want to see other reviews, either type ‘review’ in the search bar or use the search by category tab and click ‘monthly review’ to find out more. Thanks again¬†and¬†God bless. Gome ūüôā

All Posts (July 12 – August 12, 2015)

  • Tunes of the moment (14 July) – A few of my favourite songs at the moment. At the time of posting, I had been listening to these songs¬†on repeat while doing design work. #absolutebangers


  • Drumming: A new adventure (24 July) –¬†My personal reflections on the past year and half as a first time drummer. I’ve really enjoyed playing so far and I’m keen to develop further.


  • Jimmy Dean Quote¬†(01 Aug) – Interesting thoughts about bringing about ‘change’ from this late American country music singer.


  • Tales of Insecurity – Short Poem¬†(10 Aug) –¬†A brief poem taken from the perspective of a¬†persons internal¬†dialogue¬†about¬†their¬†struggles of¬†anxiety and insecurity.


  • Cornish Sunset Photography¬†(10 Aug) –¬†Photos of an¬†incredibly dramatic sunset taken in the lovely county of Cornwall, South West England.


6 Month Review: June 2015

Cabot Circus Mall, Bristol

Wow! Half a years gone by and still the journey continues. Thanks so much for supporting, encouraging and helping push me forward as I’ve shared various thoughts, lessons and life experiences. I pray you’ve found at least some of it useful and have been blessed in one way or another. As usual, here’s the monthly review of all blog posts. Stay tuned as there’s already more¬†being cooked up at present. God bless

All Posts (June 12 – July 12 2015)

–¬†Final Year Architecture Project –¬†A food centre in rural England inspired by the food cycle stages (growth, consumption, organic waste). Project includes a cookery school, farmers market and restaurant. Check it out here.


–¬†Search Me, O GodChallenging, heart-searching words of wisdom from a Christian perspective. A deep rooted prayer from the bible.


–¬†That Train RideColourful photographic trip¬†across parts of the English¬†‘West Country’ as seen through the lens of my train window seat.


–¬†RT has changed –¬†Welcome to the new look¬†‘Reposed Thought’¬†website with a¬†more¬†user friendly interface and¬†information about new features.


5 Month Review: May 2015

Bristol Harbourside

Hello. Summers virtually here and¬†I haven’t been as busy on the blogging front, but here’s a quick look back on all posts from the last month. To bulk it up a little, I’ve also included some previous posts you may have missed.¬†Thanks again for stopping by, supporting and¬†engaging with the material¬†ūüôā

All Posts (May 12 – June 12, 2015)

РVisiting Belfast, Northern Ireland [PHOTOGRAPHY] РTaken while on a recent visit to this lovely city. Check it out!!


– “Budget Airline Tales” – Short Poem [POETRY]¬†– Inspired to write this while sat in the departure lounge on route to Belfast.


One’s you may have missed

– The Angry Sharpness Monster [POETRY] – Resulting from a day long story telling/creative writing workshop as part of my final year


– Chipolopolo 2015: Can History Repeat Itself? [POETRY]¬†– A throwback to the “good times” of Zambian football, namely 2012 edition of the Africa Cup. I¬†wrote this poem¬†just before the tournament¬†this year, but sadly we fell drastically short of our own¬†standards set in 2012.


– Learn generosity when you are poor [THOUGHTS] –¬†A few thoughts on generosity, inspired by a sermon I heard around¬†that time


РMindless Violence РShort Poem [POETRY] РShort, Snappy, rhyming poem against mindless violence. Written back in January, it was one of my early favourite poems


4 Month Review: April 2015


Belfast, Northern Ireland

Four months and an award!

Thanks so much for stopping by and engaging with the material. It’s been a fun ride so far. There’s a lot more stuff currently in draft format, so stay tuned as it will soon be ready to post. In the mean time, here’s a review of the last months posts.

All Posts (April 12 – May 12)

Creative Blogger Award [BLOG AWARD] – My first ever blogging award. Woohoooo!!!!¬†I¬†was nominated for this because of my poetry’s said eloquence, thought-provoking nature and Christian themes. This came as¬†a great surprise and encouragement for me at a time when my university deadlines were looming.


–¬†Kent in Spring¬†[PHOTOGRAPHY] – Capturing the colourful, peaceful landscapes and plants that make the Kent countryside so beautiful.¬†I loved spending a few days in the county better known as¬†‘The Garden of England’.


Robert Louis Stevenson Quote [FOOD FOR THOUGHT] РWords of wisdom from a Scottish novelist, poet, essayist and travel writer.



For one week last month, I shared a song-a-day that I found inspirational, uplifting or thought-provoking. Each song I found helpful while working on my final university assignment. Have a listen!

#1:¬†“Always” – by Kirk Franklin [MUSIC] –¬†Old but gold. This one always conjures up beautiful, nostalgic¬†memories of years¬†gone by. Almost all of¬†Kirk‚Äôs music I find to be uplifting, musically outstanding, and lyrically on-point.¬†This one is certainly no different.


#2:¬†“Can’t give up now” – by Mary Mary¬†[MUSIC] – Words so poignant, yet rich in depth and meaning, lifting up the¬†wounded, depressed and broken heart. Written in 2001, the weight of the¬†words have added¬†significance¬†following the sad and sudden events of 9/11.¬†‚ÄúNobody told me the road would be easy and I don’t believe he’s brought me¬†this far to leave me”


#3:¬†“Beautifully Made” – by Leah Smith¬†[MUSIC] – Appropriately named (after the way it was put together), this relaxing and reflective song challenges low self-esteem and a lack of self worth, while¬†reminding us of the words from the Psalms which say:¬†‚ÄúI praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made‚ÄĚ (Psalm 139:14).


#4:¬†“Did it again” – by Guvna B¬†[MUSIC] –¬†With lyrics like ‚ÄúI did it again!‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúWhere do I go?‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúDon‚Äôt wanna be a slave to this‚ÄĚ.. and ‚ÄúFeels like I‚Äôm trapped inside‚ÄĚ, this song serves as a deep, honest, personal reflection for when we‚Äôve done wrong ‚Äď knowingly or not ‚Äď but offers hope at the end.


#5:¬†“My life is in your hands” – by Kirk Franklin¬†[MUSIC]¬†–¬†Powerful, powerful¬†song!¬†One of my favourite especially when faced¬†with tough life challenges. This song served as a personal comfort the past few years as close members of my wider family sadly passed away.


#6:¬†“Looking for love” – by Trip Lee¬†[MUSIC] – “You’ve tried the pleasures of this world but still there’s something missing, ‘coz’ when you close your eyes at night you can feel your heart still searching..”


3 Month Review: March 2015


Three months into my blog and I’d just like to say a huge thank you for all your support, comments, likes, follows, shares etc. Always incredible hearing that someone’s been impacted in one way or another by my simple musings on life. Stay tuned for more content this coming¬†month. In the mean time, here’s a look back on the last months posts. Peace ūüôā

All Posts (March 12 – April 12)

Kitchen Table Wisdom – by Rachel Naomi Remens (food for thought) https://reposedthought.wordpress.com/2015/03/16/kitchen-table-wisdom-by-rachel-naomi-remens/

Last Nights Weird Dream – Re-living a very random dream I had a few weeks ago https://reposedthought.wordpress.com/2015/03/26/last-nights-weird-dream/

Recent Black/White Photography https://reposedthought.wordpress.com/2015/03/31/recent-blackwhite-photography/

Good Friday https://reposedthought.wordpress.com/2015/04/03/good-friday/

“Easter” – Short Poem¬†– https://reposedthought.wordpress.com/2015/04/05/easter-short-poem/

“The Art of Blagging” – Short Poem¬†https://reposedthought.wordpress.com/2015/04/09/the-art-of-blagging-short-poem/

2 Month Review: Feb 2015


Thanks again for your support. Here’s a quick summary of what I’ve been up to over the past month in the blogger-sphere. Still lots to come, so stay tuned ūüôā

All posts (Feb 12 – March 12)

– “Poor Man’s Tale” – Short Poem –¬†Inspired by an experience I had a few weeks earlier when 2 homeless people asked for money. My response was like most people, I presume, but¬†was I right?


– 1 Month Review – Top 10 Posts –¬†Review of last month’s¬†blog posts


– “Tales of an Introvert” – Short Poem¬†–¬†An introverted perspective on life.


– What is love? –¬†Valentines special. The bibles definition of what love is.


– Welcome Home – Guvna B (ft Ja Rule Interlude) –¬†Thought provoking music challenging the¬†traditional view of church being for a specific type of person. Also features interview with BET, MTV¬†and GQ award winner Ja Rule whose view of church as ‘strict’ was flipped in an incredible experience. Well worth a listen.


– Letter to Hip Hop –¬†Reflections on the¬†song ‘Dear Hip Hop – by Bizzle’ who¬†challenges¬†the lessons that mainstream hip hop teaches us. Check it out.


– Football Culture: An emotional connection –¬†As a football lover, I share my thoughts¬†on the weight of emotion that we often place on¬†the beautiful game.


– “Anti-social Media” – Short Poem –¬†Losing touch with those around because of endless ‘social media’ distractions?Here’s a short poem inspired by this very topic.


Updated Pages:

– YouTube Channel (updated) –¬†My covers of several songs I like. Enjoy!


– About (updated) –¬†Still unsure what the¬†blogs about, check out the about me page.


Thanks for stopping by ūüôā

1 Month Review: Top 10 Posts


“Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’re far too kind!”

Wow! Its already been a month of blogging and I’ve absolutely loved every bit of it¬†so far. Thank¬†you¬†so much for engaging with the material, supporting and encouraging me through it. Lots more fun stuff still to come¬†(e.g.¬†poetry, photography, football, stories, art, music¬†etc) so stay tuned. Here’s a review of your top 10 posts this month.

Top 10 Posts & Pages: (Jan 12th – Feb 12th 2015)

1. Architecture: Isn’t that like 7 years?


2. Learn generosity when you’re poor


3. Welcome to my world


4. My testimony – new life


5. Mindless violence – short poem


6. Father I turn to you (by Jahaziel)


7. Chipolopolo 2015: Can history repeat itself?


8. Mess (with lyrics) – B.Reith


9. Monday blues: Getting through the week


10. About Me


“Ebenezer; till now the Lord has helped me.”

(1 Samuel 7:12 Рparaphrased)

Ebenezer means ‘Stone of help.’