Drawing Challenge #11

The aim is to do as many detailed drawings as possible, as often as possible, to fill up my sketchbook by the end of the year.

Today’s sketch was continuation on the elevation sketches of Bath. This one was along Upper Church Street, near The Royal Crescent.

I did this from the comfort of home as it was absolutely FREEZING outside. It also felt a bit odd standing outside someone else’s house and sketching as a figure appeared at the window a couple of times (eek). To throw ’em off, I too a photo of all the houses on the street to make it look more like a study of the area.

Hay ho! Let me know what you think..

On to the next one!

Exploring Bath #3 – Alexandra Park

So I accidentally stumbled upon my new favourite spot in Bath – this gem of a view at Alexandra Park. There I was casually strolling past when I saw a sign to “Alexandra Park Viewpoint.” So I followed the steep, steep footpath through the woods to go and check it out.

Not gonna lie, my legs were kinda hanging from all the climbing. But it started to look promising at the top as I could see the start of an amazing view over the city through the thick blanket of trees.

Another long and steady incline to the very top and BAM! There it was! The unexpected opening I so hoped would appear.

View from the top..

Down below, you could see all the famous sites like Bath Abbey, The Royal Crescent, The Circus, Bath Cricket & Rugby grounds to name just a few.

I’m falling more and more in love with this stunning city. If you ever get the chance, I would highly (yes, I said highly!) recommend a trek to the top. It’s kinda peak!

View on the walk back down..

Drawing Challenge #5

The aim is to do as many detailed drawings as possible, as often as possible, to fill up my sketchbook by the end of the year.

This next instalment is of St John the Evangelist’s Church in Bath. I did this while listening to a disappointing match commentary from Man Utd’s loss to Derby County. How embarrassing!

Who do you say I am – Poem

How many different ways, could I possibly explain?

And paint the same picture, with words that are plain?

You’ve marvelled at the signs, and you’ve come back to see miracles,

But still don’t understand the simple message at the pinnacle.

First things first, I AM the bread of life,

Feast up on my words, and be forever satisfied,

The thing you’ve been chasing, is just a façade,

It won’t satisfy your thirst, like a mirage.

Do not be afraid, I’m the light of the world,

The darkness will flee, as my light is unfurled,

Showing you the pathway, even through the valley of death,

I’m still there, your every prayer I have heard.

I AM the good shepherd, through good times or strife,

For the sake of my sheep, I would lay down my life,

All because of love, I was battered and bruised,

Inspired by my love, for both Gentiles and Jews.

So come into my presence, for I’m the only door,

And leave behind your baggage, and wonder no more,

Salvation is promised, to all who will enter,

Life to the fullest, with me at the centre.

I AM the only way, the truth and the life,

All other pathways, will lead you to strife,

The world offers hope, that is built in the sand,

But mine to the end, is the rock that will stand,

I AM the resurrection, and I AM the life,

I speak into darkness; and give it  new life,

I raised up Lazarus, and set him free,

To show God’s power, ingrained in me,

I AM the true vine; the gardener’s the Father,

He prunes and perfects, for his glory, and honour,

I AM that I AM, before time began,

Of all you have heard, who do you say I am?

©2018, by Gome – original poem

Originally shared on Heirs Magazine

Photo A Day Jan – Week 3

So we’re at the start of Feb and I’m only uploading week 3 of #photoadayjan.. Oops! Anyways, hope you like it. Peace!

ST JAMES PRIORY: (c.1159) Oldest building in Bristol (apparently) with the oldest stained glass window in Europe. This can be found between Bristol Bus Station and Broadmead.

BRADFORD-ON-AVON: Lush, quiet village in Wiltshire. Sunny winter morning out of the office.

FOOTBALL: When your match is cancelled but you get to lie-in 😁👌. Not a massive fan of the early morning games, but I #lovethisgame.

..It was all Yellow!

Keen bean! I was first at football training this week, feeling CR7 inspired with the bright orange trainers.

Bath to Bristol Cycle Path runs along the river as it enters Bath. I spent many hours agonising over this particular site as part of my final Part 1 Architecture project.

Bathelona! 😜 A view from above of Pultney Street Bridge.