Photo A Day Jan – Week 2

That Monday Feeling.. back to the grind after a restful weekend. I left for work when it was dark, and got back when it was dark. Despite the many frustrations, difficult work and early starts, I’m constantly reminded to be grateful and embrace it wholeheartedly. This picture was taken in Bath’s main Shopping complex, Southgate.

Bath’s famous Pultney Street Bridge. Took this photo while on a stroll before work. One thing that constantly baffles, amazes and saddens me is the parallel lives lived in this evidently wealthy city. A matter of meters to the left of this shot were two homeless men wrapped up in sleeping bags under an archway. Very sad indeed.

Just around the corner, you have Bath Abbey in all its splendour. I could only capture the calm before the tourists arrived in the morning.

Architecture Site Visit.. Always good to get out of the office and see the progress on site.

Boarding the “Not-so Great Western Railway”.. A delayed service, of course. This was a replacement after an hour for a broken down train.

VW Campervan in Bath – Love an old classic. The city, the car. They were made for each other.

And finally, after a deep and meaningful catch up with a friend, I spend some time doing some writing. This was a short poem (soon to feature on the blog) based on 2 Timothy 1.

Photo A Day Jan – Week 1

Stunning Sunset: No filter, just a slightly brightened phone pic. It was so good to have a chance to rest over Christmas and reflect on God’s goodness in the previous year. And to enjoy such wonders in creation.

Edgeware Road Tube Station, London – Used my favourite (well, only) photo editing app ‘Fotor’ for the blurred effect and filter. Love the app and would recommend to anyone.

Quiet Cafe Nero, Bath – Somehow managed to capture this quiet passing moment during a very busy lunch period in the cafe.

Saturday Church League Football – Always good fun (unless you lose 2-1 having gone 1-0 up with 15mins to go). Great game none the less with a good atmosphere. Great to be able to pray together before the match, to not have any (serious) injuries and increase fitness.

Royal Circus, Bath – One of my favourite places in the city to catch a quick break/stroll through.

Bath Bus Station – Caught a quick glimpse of this as I walked under the bath-stone underpass opposite. Interesting juxtaposition (coz that’s a big word for a Friday) between old and newer styles of Architecture.

Nothing quite like an 11am coffee break at work. They do make ’em good!

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7 Days in B&W

The challenge: To take a black and white photo everyday. No humans, no explanations – just an image of your everyday life. Enjoy!

Day one

Day two

Day three

Day four

Day five

Day six

Day seven

Miscellaneous Attempts

Glasgow x Edinburgh 2017 – Part 2

Edinburgh day trip continued..

National Museum of Scotland (free entry)..

Didn’t leave enough time to see the full mummy collection..

Dolphin smiley..

Impressive courtyard..

Animal world display. Features life sized, embalmed/stuffed animals..

This beast welcomes you.. or sends you running..

“Only the brave – Diesel”

Not really keen on string propping up an entire hippo above my head..


Gang wars

So much more to see, but not enough time on our day trip..

David Livingstone, I presume..

Back to Glasgow..

Glasgow x Edinburgh 2017 – Part 1

Posh Indian takeaway; Night before the epic road trip..

7 hours on road.. Wow this place is far!!

Off we went..

Lunch break at Tebay Services; best in the country apparently (I can see why)..

Boom.. we made it 🇬🇧

Outside Glasgow train st. Off to Edinburgh for a day trip..

The Royal Mile, Edinburgh..

Arches along The Royal Mile..

Side streets.. Royal Mile..

Bagpipes and Kilts.. classic Scottish stereotype..

From headless people to owl handlers, sword wielders to fire jugglers, there were a wide range of street entertainers along The Mile..

Georgeous old church building along The Mile, Edinburgh..

Edinburgh Castle..

Castle and views over the city with North Sea (I think) in the background..

Old school draw bridge. Used to be raised in ancient times to prevent enemies entering the castle..

View leaving the castle..

Where J.K Rowling wrote the Harry Potter books over coffee and cake..

Not the same cafe but still worth the pic.. fuelling that caffeine addiction..

Lol. Funny signs outside a shop..

More to follow..

Zambia: Day Twelve – Fly-Tripping

Background: Recent extracts from my travel journal taken at the end of each day whilst on holiday in Zambia, my home country. Enjoy!

Day Twelve:

The early morning flight out of Lusaka that left at 1am, should have been a straight forward affair. It would pass through Lilongwe, then Nairobi and finally London.

However, what transpired was quite the opposite. On approaching Lilongwe (Malawi), there was a very thick and low-lying fog which rapidly reduced visibility. After a period of hours circling around the airport with several failed attempts to land, the pilot was advised to make the 1 hour journey back to Lusaka.

Trivia: this was the first time I took off and landed at the same airport.

It was frustrating enough for people connecting flights in Nairobi, but possibly more so for those going to Lilongwe as they got a glimpse of there final destination only to be led back to where it began.

Another few hours in and out of sleep whilst on the Lusaka runway and the sun came out. I remember waking up to medics attending to a woman 2 rows behind who was led off the flight for some reason. My travel partner assumed it was a nervous first time flyer as several prayers were heard whilst hovering over Lilongwe.

We were finally off to Kenya around 9am. The connection in Kenya was due to leave at 8:30, so we missed it. The airline arranged a hotel for us to spend the night in Nairobi and catch the same flight the next day.

Nairobi, Kenya

The initial frustration of this added extra journey was soon replaced by the realised opportunity to explore a new city in a new country. Fun times!

Nairobi lunch time rush hour on route to the hotel.

Nairobi had a ‘big city’ feel about it. All the traffic, huge road network, high rises and crowds of people gave me that impression.

Not bad for an unplanned hotel stop off.

And then there were the rooms 😮 wow!

Great views to end another long and incredibly tiring day.

Thanks for joining me these past few weeks. Hope I get the chance to do this again soon!