Who Do You Say I Am – Poem


How many different ways, could I possibly explain? And paint the same picture, with words that are plain? You’ve marvelled at the signs, and you’ve come back to see miracles, But still don’t understand the simple message at the pinnacle…

2 Timothy 1 – Short Poem


As I gaze at the weight, of the task at hand, And wonder how I could be part of the plan, I’m timid and weak, my words often fail, Lord, why would you not, just choose someone else?

Plateaued Ambition – Short Poem


“Billion thoughts! Come here my billion thoughts! As I put pen to paper on my million faults. Once upon a time, I was so full of vision, chased all my dreams like a man on a mission…

Love Your Neighbour – Short Poem


“To love the Lord Your God!” That was Jesus’ reply, When answering the question they had asked him on the sly, Onwards and onwards, they plotted and planned, Trying to find a way, to trip him up in advance…

Dear London – Short Poem


Dear London and Manny, thank you for your spirit, Through tragedy and trial, with love you pushed through it, Those shocking, heart-breaking and gut-wrenching nights, Of so few so cowardly, it begs the question “Why?”…

Mundane – Short Poem


Mundane! Everyday is the same, Wake up, go to work. Slowly going insane, Third row, second carriage, on the high speed train, So dull and tedious, but I shan’t complain…

A Writers Struggle – Short Poem


Inspirational tales, set my thoughts off on trails, On my journey of discovery, of writing without boundaries. Freedom of expression, hell-bent at its mastery, but when it didn’t flow, anxiety seeped craftily… 

Words I Never Said – Short Poem

Words I Never Said 3

To my dearest Towela, where do I begin? As I sit and reminisce, the words fail me withinOur last conversation I now contemplate, abruptness of what followed made my heart disintegrate… 

Big City Dreams – Short Poem


This is the big city, the one that never sleeps, where my biggest ever dreams, are met with thoughts I can achieve. This is the big city, where there’s unimagined wealth, though rich and poor parallel, share uneven wealth… 

Chasing after the wind – Short Poem


Yesterday she was the one, yet today we call her old news, And move onto the next one, our values greatly skewed. Drowning in pornography; consume its views for breakfast, It brainwashes effectively; makes our decisions reckless… 

Lost Ones – Short Poem

Image Link: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/85005511690622474/

Rosy on the surface. It was rosy, on the surface. Up close or at a distance, you’d say things were perfect. See it in their eyes, that little glint of light, The joy unspeakable that filled both their lives… 

Tales of Devastation – Short Poem


As I sit and watch the news, can’t help but stare bemused. With mouth wide open, I’m dazed, sad and confused. At this stark situation, tales of devastation. Families ripped apart, and destroyed past restoration… 

Tales of Insecurity – Short Poem


Tales of insecurity, my mind is weighing in on me. A passing statement made. The words linger on and cripple me. What did they even mean by that? And why said in that tone? I dialogue internally to calculate my wrongs… 

Budget Airline Tales – Short Poem


Time is 3am, my alarm start ringing, abruptness of it cuts my dream and leaves my head spinning. My body screams “NOOOOO!” as it curles up in a whimper, early morning starts, even worse in the winter… 

The Art of Blagging – Short Poem 


You pause for a sec, and take in the awkward silence. A remote question posed of which to you makes no sense. A thousand eyes face up to you all waiting in expectancy, for that intellectual answer that would leave them all in ecstasy… 

Easter – Short Poem


Brutal injustice that led to such agony, Look up on his face you’d almost stop recognising it, Smug faces in the crowd all point and laugh in ecstasy, Just as he predicted all his friends had simply run away… 

Anti-Social Media – Short Poem 


The sun comes up as the birds sing and tweet, first thing on her mind was an early morning treat. Eggs, bacon, hash browns, on her plate they touch down, wants to feel loved and spend time with those around… 

Tales of an Introvert – Short Poem

Plant 1

As I sit and reminisce on a day gone by, I’m left reeling, wishing “maybe I could turn back time?” Wish I said all of the things that were locked up in my mind, but now times gone, it feels like I’m wasting mine… 

Poor man’s tale – Short Poem


The lights shine bright in the city that never sleeps, yet as one of its sons, my heart and soul weeps. World whizzes on by in its gluttonous deceit, not caring that the life within me slowly seeps… 

Mindless Violence – Short Poem 


As blade sinks deep into another brothers soul, story of Cain and Abel comes right back to the fore. When brother hates brother enough to end his life, why do we choose this pathway that leads us into strife?… 

Chipolopolo 2015: Can History Repeat Itself?

Zambia African Champions

We sat crouched! Fingers crossed, hearts pounding, awaiting the result that would leave them all astounded. A young man steps up to lay stake among the greats. Sunzu his name, one kick, and then we celebrate… 

The Angry Sharpness Monster


Dissolute! That’s the only way to describe it, nothing much to do there you could hardly even hide it. But scratch under its surface and there lay vast opportunity, A story told of fisherman Trevor and his near bravery… 






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