“Mindless Violence” – Short Poem

As blade sinks deep into another brothers soul,
Story of Cain and Abel comes right back to the fore.
When brother hates brother enough to end his life,
Why do we choose this pathway that leads us into strife?
Blood on his hands as he flees the scene and weeps,
Him and his boys scamper and behind leave the deceased,
Started out as kids stealing pepsi cans and sweets,
But nowadays being stopped and asked questions by police.
Head bowed to the ground wishing no-one ever noticed him,
As judge tries to work out what on earth his motive is,
Barely raised his head as the final sentence is passed,
“25 to life!” But how long will this kid last?
Another young life now wastes behind bars,
If only he’d seen sense before it got this far,
The crew that once followed him are nowhere to be found,
The only bit of company? The four walls that surround.
I write this as a plea to end this mindless violence,
On behalf of my brothers who died in brutal silence,
I pray that as society we’ll heed the words of Jesus,
To love and treat each other as nothing less than equals.
He doesn’t just end there, and goes a little further,
Saying to hate somebody is to commit murder,
Instead of sit and judge another man’s senseless act,
I pray “Father forgive me, my own selfish heart.”
© 2015, by Gome