A Writers Struggle – Short Poem

Inspirational tales, set my thoughts off on trails,

On my journey of discovery, of writing without boundaries,

Freedom of expression, hell-bent at its mastery,

But when it didn’t flow, anxiety seeped craftily,

I read many a tale, and set many a sail,

Even reading out loud, to help story-lines gel,

But still I hit the wall, of many writers before,

As my pen hit the floor, frustration was on show,

Dedicated many hours, still sounded quite poor,

A caffeinated break, till I was happy and sure,

But how could I ensure, that long term I’ll endure?

At the foot of creativity; alone, insecure,

A thousand better writers, whose ability was evident,

Low on motivation, on structure and eloquence,

Friends started to ask, when next I’m going to write,

The good news was, the other side looked bright,

As worse it couldn’t get, for the bottoms where I lay,

An upwards trajectory, I hoped it would stay.