“I want to be” – Childhood Dreams

An unaltered story I wrote at age 11 for my creative writing exam (Grade 6, Zambia). Despite several (rather hilarious) grammatical errors, it always makes me chuckle and reminds me to dream big. Enjoy!

I want to be

When I grow up I want to be an artist. I would like to be an artist because I generally love drawing.

I would love to be well known as “Gome the artist.” My first three options of where to study art from are South Africa, Australia and The United Kingdom.

One of the reasons why I want to study in one of those countries is because they are very developed, densely populated and there are many nice things that I can draw e.g. Mountains, oceans, high ways, skyscrapers, etc.

There are some people who can’t afford to buy a camera so I can draw them if they don’t mind. I can also take a photograph of them, ask them for details of where they stay, go home, draw and colour them then take it to where they live. If they want their photo as well, I can give them to.

Even though I am already an artist, I would like to draw better pictures when I complete school “God willing.” I can also be designing clothes for people, maybe even buildings.

I could go as far as designing cars for car companies. One of the main things I’m interested in is nature and the big cities.

This is what I want to become and I could also be helping people in society have their problems with art get overcome. Another thing that would show me that I’m helpful is by teaching peoples children who will pass art onto the next and the next generation.

©By Gome


1 Year 1 Month: Review


Hello! Many thanks for stopping by, supporting or following my blog @Reposed Thought. As ever, here’s a brief look back at what I’ve been up to in the blogosphere this past month. Peace, Gome.

All Posts (12 Jan 2016 – 12 Feb 2016)

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  • J.Miles – Love Letters (ft Leah Smith) (3 Feb) – This song beautifully shares a simple yet necessary message that the world needs to hear; a love like no other..
  • Last Nights Weird Dream (#2) (3 Feb) – Another one of those nights. This the second weird dream I’ve managed to record straight after waking up.
  • John 16:33 (19 Jan) – Words to live by: “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” (Jesus).

Last nights weird dream (#2)


There we were, all excited, about to canoe down the great river, beneath the blazing African sun. Leaving our group at the manor in the woods, we joked and strolled through natures back yard. A small clearing in the trees and we had reached our destination. There she was; splendid, majestic, yet calm. You wouldn’t dare underestimate her, for just a moments laps and she’d consume you like a bag of sweets. We carefully trod the sharp, slippery rocks as we made our way to the waters edge.

The sudden loud screech to our left of an angry-sounding bird soon distracted us. It was tall, with thin, gangly legs and a beak to match. It stared us down as if to vent it’s frustration for us disturbing it’s sunbathing routine. At first we saw just one, all cute though angry. Then we saw two, then three, then four and soon a whole army that raised their narrow necks from the drinking pool to stare us down. We had unintentionally stumbled into their community hub. My fear of animals compounded me to round my pathway towards the right through the mud/rock banks to avoid these ruffled looking creatures.

Still the adventure had to continue and it was now time for a quick dip. The peaceful yet piercing volume of a thousand river birds filled the background. These were natures songs of praise. My fellow explorer decided to canoe ahead while I swam a good 10m behind. As we approached the widest part of the river, my arms began to tire, so I decided to head back to shore. But first to take in the view. I lay on my back to rest. My eyes began to wonder round as I daydreamed in this stress-free zone. As I stared at a rock in the distance, it’s unusually long form and rough texture caught my gaze. A quick double take and I was sure I wasn’t seeing things right. I strained to gain focus without my ever present glasses and anxiously tried to make out what it was.

Suddenly, I caught the opening of a green and yellow eye, with its slim black pupil. It looked right at me. Yep, my fears were confirmed.


My body shivered in an instant. My once wondering mind was now fully focussed on this much feared and ruthless beast. The hairs on my forearms threw themselves into the water and hurriedly swam back to shore. My chest grew cold and sent shivers down my chest and spine. My heart jumped out and goosebumps from my shoulders to my feet all trembled and shuddered in absolute terror. Two of my biggest fears combined to make this the worst feeling ever – my fear of untamed wild animals, along with being stuck in deep, dark unknown waters. The closest river bank was where this beastly creature lay. Not wanting to alarm it, I swam in panicked silence towards the canoe. Facing the opposite direction, my colleague rowed away unaware of my predicament. Any sudden movement or noise could alarm this vicious beast. Not a confident swimmer, my abilities drastically increased due to my desperation. The birds that once sang sweet songs no longer existed to me. I was making steady ground towards the canoe desperately hoping my friend would look round to see my signal of distress. Suddenly, there was a splash in the water behind me and I looked round for the croc.

He had gone. Disappeared. I knew he’s in the water.

My fears were confirmed as I saw another slither down the muddy banks into the unclear grey waters. I couldn’t take it anymore. I screamed for my friend who panicked as he looked round, almost knocking himself into the water. The distance between us was more than me and these crocs, but I knew they were much quicker, more agile, and ruthless. They held no sympathy for stranded creatures or humans.

This was it. I just knew it. It had to be the end.

A strange peace and calm came over me as I awaited the inevitable; to meet my journeys end. As these thoughts filled my mind, I started seeing the insides of my eye lids. I rolled my eyeballs around but it was still pitch black. I couldn’t see. They flickered for a moment and slowly released till they were fully open. I was now in a dark room.

I thought: “Where am I? How did it end?”

I glanced round in confusion and saw a clock displaying 5am in glowing blue. I could go back to sleep. My nightmare was over; it was only a dream. I lay there in anxious yet joyful relief and reflected on what could, would and surely should’ve been. But as I took a deep breath and lay there in silence, I was most grateful to still have my limbs.

Big City Dreams – Short Poem

This is the big city, the one that never sleeps,

Where my biggest ever dreams, are met with thoughts I can achieve,

This is the big city, where there’s unimagined wealth,

Though rich and poor parallel, share uneven wealth.


Blinded by the lights, I’m drawn in by the crowds,

An eclectic group of people, rubbing shoulders, without smiles,

Down its pebbled streets, I see things I’ve never seen,

And wonder at its structures; new heights I’ve never been.


“Country boy”, they call me, in this city of dreams,

But even I can tell, not all’s well, as it seems,

A short train ride, I see much depravation,

A shady high-rise, in need of urgent restoration,


The sun comes out, as kids play in the park,

But that very same place is ‘no go’, after dark,

I slow down and smile, at new faces that I meet,

But most push past, and almost knock me off my feet,


12 million people, yet I still feel lonely,

There’s nowhere like the city, to make you feel homesick,

With so much to absorb, I’m only starting my career,

But if I make it here, I can truly make it ANYWHERE.


©2016, By Gome


Last Nights Weird Dream


All I remember is that a group of 10 close friends and I had robbed a bank for about £2.3 million.

4 of us then cheekily decided to ditch the group with all the money and run down an endless narrow staircase that was dimly lit. Closely pursued by armed police and angry friends that we tried to ditch, we burst through a door at the bottom into a dark underground car park. My friend, Ben, had an old school BMW 3 series and we all jumped in (magically without any luggage, considering the robbery).

Once in the car, we sat quietly and then started to pray for protection and a safe journey. This wasn’t a quick prayer either as we each prayed for ages and somehow no one found us in that time. I kept saying “boys, you need to lock your doors and stay low in case someone finds us.”

After all this, Ben crouched under the car light and punched coordinates into his gps for where we were going (slowest.robbery.ever). Once we had eventually finished fafing around with postcodes, addresses and discussing directions, we slowly drove around the car park trying to work our way out.

I kept whispering, “boys, lock your doors!” “Ben, turn the lights off!” We met a policeman as we drove passed the same door we burst through minutes earlier and he seemed oblivious to the situation for a while. He stood guarding the door with an ear piece and a huge gun. Someone must have said something in his ear as He saw us and slowly started to walk our way. Don’t really remember what happened to him, but the next thing I remember we were trying to negotiate our way out of an awkwardly shaped exit route using a 3 point turn. We’d reverse, go back and forth and try again. While doing this, a long black tinted American limo pulled up alongside us. They needed us to make way for the president (#randomIknow).

We broke through the barrier as cops, friends and now strangers started running after us. We sped off under the double height overhang and for some weird reason, turned around at the end of the road. We must have jumped out as I only remember running back towards the car park entrance being pummelled with stuff, especially by our friends who were angry about the fact that we tried to ditch them. They were effectively on the cops side at this point even though a few minutes ago they had tried to rob a bank with us. We ran around the side of the building and suddenly it was daytime and we were outside the White House.

One of the guys, Josh, had to leave us early as he had to go and look after his baby (in real life he doesn’t have a child). A random intermediate period followed when I was all on my own being chased by randomers in the street. I had a quick stop off at the corner shop to buy a drink. Slight queue at the till but I waited my turn.

I headed back onto the streets once again and I was chased by people with machetes till I bumped into another friend called Matt. We had a quick catch up before he casually walked me to a house door, up a few steps and knocked. We waited calmly and listened to the melody of birds singing sweetly in the background. Josh came out with his baby and we all went in. “Mate, nice house,” we both exclaimed. As architecture students, we started analysing and critiquing it in different ways.

We all went in and had some tea (Britishness). His house was similar to the lush villas you get in Chelsea or Knightsbridge in south-west London with the massive stepped-back porches and 5 storeys, which include a basement and a loft. I said to them “I’d feel a lot safer on the top floor, because if anyone finds us, it’s the last place they’ll get to in the house.” So we all camped out in the massive 5th floor bathroom and mused at the artwork on the wall and enjoyed the views across the sunny city.

At this point I woke up feeling quite confused, slightly sweaty with my heart pounding. Two things ran through my head at this point; 1. “Man, I’m gonna be late for uni?” And 2. “What was all that about?”

I don’t dream much and very rarely do I remember my dreams. But when I do, they’re often something like this – completely random!