Oct ’16 Review

Hello! And welcome back to my monthly reviews. Just taking this opportunity on my 1 year 9 month ‘bloggerversary’ (coz that’s a word) to say thank you for all your support. I reached 100 followers this week on the blog (not incl. Facebook). It really has been a joy to do this for fun while still being productive.

Here’s a brief overview of the last months activity on Reposed Thought. Enjoy!

Sept 12- Oct 12 2016

I want to be – Childhood Dreams

An unaltered story that I wrote aged 11 about what I wanted to be when I’m older.

S.O. – Give it to God

“Where do you run to when the doors close off? Who do you call on when it all goes wrong..” Riveting, heart-searching song by 2016 Mobo Awards Nominee – ‘S.O.’

Footsteps to humility

Philippians 2 gives an insightful blueprint for humility as demonstrated in the life of Jesus.

A Writers Struggle – Short Poem

The struggles of a writer, an artist, a poet; how to stay relevant and how best to show it.

October Photo Reel

A collection of recent photos as captured through the lens of my phone-cam. Opportunistic photography I call it. Enjoy!

9 Month Review: September 2015

Designer Outlet Village, Ashford

Hello and welcome to my latest monthly review. I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed following Reposed Thought over the past 9 months. It’s been a real joy for me to write about all kinds of stuff that is close to my heart. Some of my favourite posts have included:

  • my testimony – new life
  • tales of an introvert – short poem
  • last nights weird dream
  • architecture: isn’t that like 7 years?

Some of my aspirations from the beginning were to inspire, motivate and humour you [the reader], but also to encourage you [through my insights] to share your own hidden talents with others.

As I lay down one evening and brainstormed potential blog names, a lot of different topics ran through my mind that I felt quite passionate about sharing (such as my Christian faith, love of music, football, photography etc). Having taken the first steps into the blogging world, I found the challenge of writing stuff to an audience that I didn’t personally interact with quite a tough yet exciting challenge. Several thoughts go through my mind before making any post. For example: Who might read this? How will they interpret it? Does it make any sense? If its a written piece, does it flow? etc.

Providentially, at the time I was starting my blog, there was a story-telling workshop organised by my tutor (quite random for architecture, you might think). Well, those were my thoughts exactly. What I didn’t realise, however, was how pivotal that workshop would be for my soon to be established blog. It was where I wrote my first ever poem called “The Angry Sharpness Monster” – Check it out here with its back story:


To date, I have written a total of 12 original poems (Including this months ‘Lost Ones’ listed below). I share this NOT as a way of gloating (sorry if it comes across that way), but as an encouragement for you to recognise that you are special and unique in your own beautiful way. I believe that God made each one of us with a purpose and as part of that, he has equipped us with different talents and abilities that are special. Even if its making other people smile, that in itself is a special gift. So let your light shine that others may see. You never know what might come from it or who you might bless. I know I’ve used this verse over and over again, but it never ceases to be true:

“I praise You [God], for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

(Psalm 139:14)

Now onto this months brief review.

All Posts (12 Sept-12 Oct)

5 Month Review: May 2015

Bristol Harbourside

Hello. Summers virtually here and I haven’t been as busy on the blogging front, but here’s a quick look back on all posts from the last month. To bulk it up a little, I’ve also included some previous posts you may have missed. Thanks again for stopping by, supporting and engaging with the material 🙂

All Posts (May 12 – June 12, 2015)

– Visiting Belfast, Northern Ireland [PHOTOGRAPHY] – Taken while on a recent visit to this lovely city. Check it out!!


– “Budget Airline Tales” – Short Poem [POETRY] – Inspired to write this while sat in the departure lounge on route to Belfast.


One’s you may have missed

– The Angry Sharpness Monster [POETRY] – Resulting from a day long story telling/creative writing workshop as part of my final year


– Chipolopolo 2015: Can History Repeat Itself? [POETRY] – A throwback to the “good times” of Zambian football, namely 2012 edition of the Africa Cup. I wrote this poem just before the tournament this year, but sadly we fell drastically short of our own standards set in 2012.


– Learn generosity when you are poor [THOUGHTS] – A few thoughts on generosity, inspired by a sermon I heard around that time


– Mindless Violence – Short Poem [POETRY] – Short, Snappy, rhyming poem against mindless violence. Written back in January, it was one of my early favourite poems


4 Month Review: April 2015


Belfast, Northern Ireland

Four months and an award!

Thanks so much for stopping by and engaging with the material. It’s been a fun ride so far. There’s a lot more stuff currently in draft format, so stay tuned as it will soon be ready to post. In the mean time, here’s a review of the last months posts.

All Posts (April 12 – May 12)

Creative Blogger Award [BLOG AWARD] – My first ever blogging award. Woohoooo!!!! I was nominated for this because of my poetry’s said eloquence, thought-provoking nature and Christian themes. This came as a great surprise and encouragement for me at a time when my university deadlines were looming.


– Kent in Spring [PHOTOGRAPHY] – Capturing the colourful, peaceful landscapes and plants that make the Kent countryside so beautiful. I loved spending a few days in the county better known as ‘The Garden of England’.


Robert Louis Stevenson Quote [FOOD FOR THOUGHT] – Words of wisdom from a Scottish novelist, poet, essayist and travel writer.



For one week last month, I shared a song-a-day that I found inspirational, uplifting or thought-provoking. Each song I found helpful while working on my final university assignment. Have a listen!

#1: “Always” – by Kirk Franklin [MUSIC] – Old but gold. This one always conjures up beautiful, nostalgic memories of years gone by. Almost all of Kirk’s music I find to be uplifting, musically outstanding, and lyrically on-point. This one is certainly no different.


#2: “Can’t give up now” – by Mary Mary [MUSIC] – Words so poignant, yet rich in depth and meaning, lifting up the wounded, depressed and broken heart. Written in 2001, the weight of the words have added significance following the sad and sudden events of 9/11. “Nobody told me the road would be easy and I don’t believe he’s brought me this far to leave me”


#3: “Beautifully Made” – by Leah Smith [MUSIC] – Appropriately named (after the way it was put together), this relaxing and reflective song challenges low self-esteem and a lack of self worth, while reminding us of the words from the Psalms which say: “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14).


#4: “Did it again” – by Guvna B [MUSIC] – With lyrics like “I did it again!” “Where do I go?” “Don’t wanna be a slave to this”.. and “Feels like I’m trapped inside”, this song serves as a deep, honest, personal reflection for when we’ve done wrong – knowingly or not – but offers hope at the end.


#5: “My life is in your hands” – by Kirk Franklin [MUSIC] – Powerful, powerful song! One of my favourite especially when faced with tough life challenges. This song served as a personal comfort the past few years as close members of my wider family sadly passed away.


#6: “Looking for love” – by Trip Lee [MUSIC] – “You’ve tried the pleasures of this world but still there’s something missing, ‘coz’ when you close your eyes at night you can feel your heart still searching..”