3 Years of Blogging

3 Today!! Woop Woop!!

Thanks so much for your support along the way. Here are a few highlights and reflections on my journey so far.

God bless..

Year 1: Feel the Buzz

Exactly 3 years ago today, I was sat in a cafe along one of Bristol’s ever intriguing and eclectic high streets – Gloucester Road (See article: the longest stretch of Independent shops in the UK).

With background chatter, finely brewed coffee, and an overpriced slice of indulgent cake, I finally put the finishing touches on my new blog – Reposed Thought.

The first year was such an exciting adventure as there was so much to explore and to learn. From my testimony of how I became a Christian, to the never ending journey of an Architect, there was also much to share.

The inaugural year also gave birth to a newly formed interest in writing poetry with my personal favourites being Tales of an Introvert and Poor Mans Tale.

Year 2: Honeymoon over?

The second year was undoubtedly more challenging as the creativity started to fizzle out along with the initial buzz created when the blog first began. With the added pressure of starting my first full time 9-5 job post uni, the time to create was also drastically reduced. Still I persevered to create Big City Dreams and Morning Run Thoughts during that seemingly dry patch.

I constantly found myself reflecting on how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ a post was based on what response I got. I was determined to not let that be the case in the following year.

Year 3: Recreate the high

Throughout 2017, I have felt a combined desire to blog as an outlet for myself and out of respect for my followers. But also, for the sheer fun of it.

This has in turn freed me to create when inspired rather than posting to maintain some kind of  interest. I have felt some of that initial creativity creep back in. My undoubted favourite series from the past year was the daily Zambia photo journal.

Other more recent posts based on experiences include Love Your Neighbour and Plateaued Ambition. The latter recently came 8th out of 30 in my first poetry competition with an honorary mention.

Year 4: ?

Well.. Lets see what happens..

In all that I do, as a blogger or as a Christian, it is my deepest desire to use my God-given talents to help point people to Jesus and his love for us as a broken people.

I recently had an interesting conversation with a fellow blogger that I’ve never met about one of my poems. They said that even though they do not share my faith, they could appreciate what I had to say about life and its challenges and how my faith gives me strength through them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this piece and be sure to follow on here or via the links below..

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Best of S.A. House Music

So I’ve recently found myself in the position of makeshift DJ on several occasions (at work, at a house party and on many long distance road trips). In each scenario, upbeat music is needed to keep you and others going. As a result, I decided to always be prepared, creating countless playlists from different genres on Spotify. I hope that overtime I can share some of my favourites on here and discover some of yours too.

To kick things off, here’s my best of South African House Music which is currently my favourite genre of them all. Enjoy!

1. African Woman – DJ Shimza, Mishka

Despite being released in 2015, this is still one of the biggest songs on the African continent. I love how it jumps straight into the beat without an unnecessarily long intro. Simple tune, effectively executed.. Check it out!

2. City Rain – Mobi Dixon

Great great tune to work to. As it’s so elegantly repetitive (in a good way), it’s guaranteed to get your toes tapping at your desk as you help solve the worlds problems. Also great for those long summer road trips ahead.

3. Easy to Love – Bucie, Heavy K

The build up in the intro to this song is incredible and always gets me going in anticipation for the drop (video cuts it short). Add to this Bucie’s incredible vocal range and Heavy K’s skillful tinkering on the dials of his DJ set and you have another awesome collaboration.

4. Sweet Love – Euphonik (Spotify)

Sadly not on YouTube, but definitely worth a listen on iTunes or Spotify. Euphonik is one of my favourite newly discovered DJ’s in S.A house and continues to deliver in his songs. This is one of my favourites of his.

5. Tulale Fofofo – Mi Casa, Sauti Sol

If you’re looking to discover just one new artist from this list, may I suggest Mi Casa. I’ve listened to each one of this trio’s entire albums and I’m still amazed at the consistent brilliance of every single track. Astonishing! This is just one of them..

6. Bayethe – DJ Shimza, BK

Slightly more chilled tune, but still upbeat, groovy and funky. I love the simplicity of the beat which gets subtly phased out in parts before being brought back with a bang. Love it!

7. We Own The Night – Mi Casa

I love Mi Casa. Quite possibly my most overplayed group on spotify this year. This talented trio perfectly blend together the skills of Pianist and Producer (Dr Duda), Vocalist and Guitarist (J’Something) and Trumpeter (Mo-T). This ones a BANGER!

8. Feel The Love – Mi Casa

Another Mi Casa hit. Along with its well polished music video and uplifting story line (loving your neighbour), this song is simply incredible. Even after a year or more of listening to it, I still can’t get enough. Those vocals, that trumpet, and my goodness the beat.. Immaculate.

9. Pluto (Remember You) – DJ Clock, Beatenberg

Such a happy song and music video. I’ve tried in vain to listen to this song without moving; impossible. DJ Clock is another big name to look out for in the ‘SA house’ scene and here serves up another head-bopper.

10. Love Colour Spin – Mobi Dixon

It takes about a minute before the song really kicks in but when it does, it’s one of the best  motivational tracks on this list. So so groovy. I just wanted it to keep on going in its harmonious, repetitive brilliance. I even caught my work colleague tapping their foot to it as I played it on the office speaker. #winning

11. I Want Your Love (Joat Remix) – Donae’o

Not entirely sure if this counts as SA House, maybe more funky house or general house. Donae’o is a Londoner with Ghanaian/Caribbean routes. But none the less, this has many elements that fit so perfectly to this list. Upbeat, motivational, afro-house, head-banger. What more could you want? Check it out.

12. Wena – Heavy K, Mpumi

This is the sort of song that I imagine everyone at a house party, young and old, would get up to dance to. So so groovy. I love the intentional pauses in the beat which only help reinforce the groovyness (if that’s even a word?).

13. Deadly Strings – Emo Kid

Starts off rather slowly but gradually builds to an absolute banger. I particularly like the addition of guitar strings, which I imagine the songs name hails from. And then there’s the beat and baseline. Another one of those you can blissfully nod time away to.

14. Apologies – Euphonik, Luke M, Thoko

‘Sweet Love’ (listed above) used to be my favourite track by Euphonik till I discovered this gem. Wow!! What a find. From vocals to strings, bass to drums, every single element is an absolute acoustic masterclass. No exaggeration!

15. Don’t Give Up – Prince Kaybee

The song does exactly what the lyrics say: “Keep on working, keep on going, keep on moving, keep on grinding..” It’s so emblematic of the type of rhythmic afro-beat sound that this energetic song represents. Not gonna lie, but late nights working on design projects have been made a lot easier with this tune in my life.

16. Wajellwa – Prince Kaybee

Incredible acoustic vibes coming to you from the South. This is the Africa I know – full of rhythm, groove, creativity and happiness. If, like me, you’re into guitar strings being expertly plucked at breakneck speed over an undeniably groovy beat, then this tracks definitely for you.

17. Charlotte – Prince Kaybee

Another one of those ‘why are you not more popular’ artists that I’ve only recently discovered. I know I’ve used the phrase ‘groovy’ a lot, but I can’t think of a better synonym to describe how good this song is. Have a listen for yourself. Tell me if you think otherwise.

18. Better Days – Prince Kaybee, Audrey

Another slow build-up to begin with, but this tune steadily builds and grows on you. There seems to be a clever mix of free-styling or experimentation of instruments and vocals over the master-beat, which I love. Almost organised spontaneity. It gives it a raw, ever changing feel that not a lot of other more regimented songs have.

19. Friend Zone – Prince Kaybee, Ziyon

This song is a lot more chilled and slow compared to many others on this list. It still manages to keep all the good vibes of an S.A house track with its top notch Afro-beat rhythm. I picture myself sat out in the sun sipping on coke whilst enjoying the finest delicacies of a South African braai (barbecue).

20. Chasing The Sun – Mi Casa

This blog post could quite easily have been a list of my favourite Mi Casa tracks (although that does give me an idea!). Instead, I’ve tried to narrow down some of my favourites from their vast collection of hits. I love this song and would highly recommend listening to their albums.

21. Jika – Mi Casa

The song that first introduced me to Mi Casa, and what an introduction it was. Rhythmic, energetic and exciting. A guaranteed party banger that will keep you jiving. Not to mention it was the “most played song for 12 straight weeks on several radio stations across South Africa” (wiki). It also peaked at number 1 on the UK’s BBC 1 Xtra charts, MTV Base’s S.A top 10 and Trace TV’s 30 Urban Hits. Need I say more..?

22. Heartless Intentions – Black Motion, Dr Moruti

This beat is so sick (in the modern sense of the word). It starts off with such high energy and is gradually added to with fantastic rhythmic and acoustic sounds. Another great one for the road. If you’re into that gym stuff, I’m sure it’s good for that too.

23. In Common (Black Coffee Remix) – Alicia Keys, Black Coffee

When you think of the sweet vocals of Alicia Keys and fuse them with the silky vibes of a world-class DJ like Black Coffee, you know you’re in for a treat. Every bit of that ‘S.A house’ baseline elevates this track to another level in my opinion.

24. Come With Me – Black Coffee

What better way to end this list than with the king of S.A house himself, DJ Black Coffee. This song repeatedly says “You set my world on fire” and Black Coffee [metaphorically] sets house music on fire. This is another big big tune to add to his already extensive collection of club bangers. Well worth the listen.

Apologies if any videos do not work. The original may have been taken down from youtube since posting this.

Top 10 posts in 2016

Here’s a belated look back at your favourite content on Reposed Thought in 2016. Thanks for stopping by:

Top 10 Posts

1. Big City Dreams – Short Poem (poetry, creative writing)

2. Father I Turn To You (by Jahaziel) (Lyrically sound music)

3. Words I Never Said – Short Poem (poetry, creative writing)

4. Emeli Sande – Clown (my piano cover) (piano, music)

5. Chasing After The Wind – Short Poem (poetry, creative writing)

6. A Writers Struggle – Short Poem (poetry, creative writing)

7. Psalm 46:10 (Christian, graphics, photography)

8. Random Summertime Photography (photography, art)

9. S.O. – So It Ends (Lyrically sound music)

10. Morning Run Thoughts (thoughts, life)


Oct ’16 Review

Hello! And welcome back to my monthly reviews. Just taking this opportunity on my 1 year 9 month ‘bloggerversary’ (coz that’s a word) to say thank you for all your support. I reached 100 followers this week on the blog (not incl. Facebook). It really has been a joy to do this for fun while still being productive.

Here’s a brief overview of the last months activity on Reposed Thought. Enjoy!

Sept 12- Oct 12 2016

I want to be – Childhood Dreams

An unaltered story that I wrote aged 11 about what I wanted to be when I’m older.

S.O. – Give it to God

“Where do you run to when the doors close off? Who do you call on when it all goes wrong..” Riveting, heart-searching song by 2016 Mobo Awards Nominee – ‘S.O.’

Footsteps to humility

Philippians 2 gives an insightful blueprint for humility as demonstrated in the life of Jesus.

A Writers Struggle – Short Poem

The struggles of a writer, an artist, a poet; how to stay relevant and how best to show it.

October Photo Reel

A collection of recent photos as captured through the lens of my phone-cam. Opportunistic photography I call it. Enjoy!

S.O – Give it to God

“No-one knows you when you’re down!”

This song first struck me the second time I listened to it on S.O’s latest album ‘So It Ends.’ I guess I paid more attention to the lyrics and overall picture that it paints.

The calm melodious chorus asks a personal question of our response to life’s trials; What is our default response when things go wrong?


“Where do you run to when the doors close off?

And who do you call on when it all goes wrong?

The devil is telling me to feed my fear;

‘Why don’t you pack your bags and disappear?’

I’d rather give it to God”

Life is such an unpredictable thing. We make plans, visualise our ideal outcomes and start moving towards those goals. But trial after trial, tragedy after tragedy and we’re back down on our knees. “It was never meant to be like this,” we think.

 The bible sympathises with us and offers hope through Jesus. In James 1:12, it says this:

Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him. (James 1:12)

And Jesus himself offers rest through life’s challenges when he says this:

“Come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

Emeli Sande – Clown (my piano cover)

I’ve been on a good vibe lately with recording music.. (maybe the good weather has something to do with it?) Either way, here is my latest piano cover, Emeli Sande’s hit called “Clown”. I love this artist, not only for her incredible voice and outstanding talent, but also (on a selfish note) because she’s half Zambian (#represent).

Hope you like it


Guvna B – Nothing but the blood

Hello all! And a very happy (rather belated) Easter to you all. Hope this message finds you well. As its been a while since my last post, I thought rather than blabber on about something, I’ll simply share a song I’ve been listening to recently – ‘Nothing but the blood, by Guvna B’. This awesome hip-hop rendition samples the original hymn with the same title by Robert Lowry (1826-99) – a songwriter who wrote around 500 hymns.

Check out Guvna B’s full album on iTunes called ‘Secret World’.

Peace 😃