1 Year 1 Month: Review


Hello! Many thanks for stopping by, supporting or following my blog @Reposed Thought. As ever, here’s a brief look back at what I’ve been up to in the blogosphere this past month. Peace, Gome.

All Posts (12 Jan 2016 – 12 Feb 2016)

  • Young.Black.Unarmed (9 Feb) – Police violence against black people in America has been in the news a lot recently. The statistics are ridiculous! This is what inspired me to write this piece. check it out..
  • J.Miles – Love Letters (ft Leah Smith) (3 Feb) – This song beautifully shares a simple yet necessary message that the world needs to hear; a love like no other..
  • Last Nights Weird Dream (#2) (3 Feb) – Another one of those nights. This the second weird dream I’ve managed to record straight after waking up.
  • John 16:33 (19 Jan) – Words to live by: “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” (Jesus).

J.Miles – Love Letters (ft Leah Smith)

A simple yet necessary message that the world needs to hear.

I only discovered this song this evening and absolutely love it. I’ve loved listening to Leah Smith‘s music for a while, with her other hits ‘By land or by sea’ and ‘Beautifully made’ among my favourites. Her amazing voice effortlessly delivers the simple yet necessary message that Jesus loves you!

As for J.Miles, this was my first time hearing him, but what better way to be introduced to him. I found his lyrics deep and thought provoking, but easy enough to follow without having to look up the lyrics. The combination of singer and rapper has been used beautifully in this one.

Have a listen…

1 Year Today: Annual Review


Wow!! What a year it has been.

Full of challenge, joy, reflection, creativity and more. I’d firstly like to thank God for being incredible through it all. Thanks also to each of you for supporting my blog in its first year. I sincerely hope you have been encouraged, motivated, or challenged in one way or another. Here’s to another year of art, music, poetry, and other random thoughts. Peace

“In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” [Proverbs 3:6]

All posts (12 Dec 2015-12 Jan 2016):

Top 10 posts in 2015

  1. Architecture: Isn’t that like 7 years?
  2. Learn generosity when you are poor
  3. Creative Blogger Award
  4. Father I Turn to You (by Jahaziel)
  5. My Testimony – New Life
  6. Tales of Insecurity – Short Poem
  7. Welcome to my world!
  8. “Poor man’s tale – Short Poem”
  9. “Tales of an Introvert – Short Poem”
  10. “Mindless Violence – Short Poem”

Poem Stats (Jan-Mar 2015)Poem Stats (Mar-Dec 2015)

2016.. the journey continues..

11 Month Review: November 2015

 Hello and a very Happy Christmas to you all. Thank you so much for your support of Reposed Thought. Its been an amazing 11 months and I’m so thankful to God for it. As ever, here is my latest monthly review which looks back on what I’ve been up to on my blog over the past month. As it hasn’t been a busy month of writing, I have included the most viewed posts during November to give you a flavour of what it’s all about. Check them out! Would love to know your thoughts.

May thanks and God bless

All Posts (12 Nov-12 Dec)


Chasing after the wind – Short Poem (Nov 24) – Inspired by Ecclesiastes 1:14 (chasing after the wind). This short poem is about the victory that can be found in Jesus to overcome addiction.


Most viewed in November

10 Month Review: October 2015

So, its a Thursday and we’re in November. Things feel like they’re slowly coming to an end. As I look back on these past 10 months, my overriding emotion is that of gratitude. I’m thankful to God for my life, my family, friends, work colleagues, etc. I might not always appreciate them the way I should, but he’s placed each one in my life for a reason.

I also wanted to thank you all for your continued support of Reposed Thought. It’s been fun connecting with other like-minded people, who inspire thoughts of inspiration. I’m so excited to see how things progress in the future. I’ve found blogging a fun and refreshing way to de-stress, and a more productive way to spend time online. I’d highly recommend it to anyone.

This months review:

This month hasn’t been as busy on the blogging front unfortunately. It’s been a battle between posting things often and posting for the sake of it. As a result, my creativity has been held back a little, but stay tuned as there’s more stuff to come from my draft folder. In keeping with previous reviews, here’s a look back on all posts from the past month.

Blessings! Gome

All Posts (12 Oct-12 Nov)

S.O. – So It Ends

In the world of Christian hip hop music, the release of S.O’s much anticipated album (so it ends) will be greatly welcomed. Following his previous releases (so it begins, so it continues), the lyrical content has always sought to tell the world about Jesus, and offer an alternatively positive message in hip hop. He’s signed onto the Lamp Mode label whose overall mission is to shine light into a dark world with their music. Have a listen, check the album out on iTunes. I’d highly recommend it (I’ve had a listen). Peace 🙂

Lost Ones – Short Poem

Rosy on the surface. It was rosy, on the surface.

Up close or at a distance, you’d say things were perfect.

See it in their eyes, that little glint of light,

The joy unspeakable that filled both their lives,

But soon there would be trouble, and unforeseen change,

Which led to separation, and hearts so full of rage.

Sudden turn of events, there was no indicator,

Of what brewed in the engine of its willing perpetrator,

Unseen through the eyes of its soon to be victim,

Who would be left asking, what on earth had just gripped him?

Once closer than ever, now it’s like they never met,

A friendship burnt out, like ashes off cigarettes,

Each night lonely tears would soak his dry pillow,

His face lay drooped, like leaves hung off a willow,

Not long since they burst into uncontrolled laughter,

Snorting in the process, but laughing ’bout it after,

Close friends, they’d stay up late to chat through the night,

Sharing little stories, precious memories of life.

Oh to be restored to how rosy things were,

B.F.F’s in their prime, just taking on the world,

They stood tall in the crowd, with shoulders ever broad,

Rolling like mavericks, no care what others thought,

A two man army; for their friend they always fought,

Yet now, these very words are just nostalgic thoughts.

©2015, by Gome

8 Month Review – August 2015

Hello again, thank you so much for sticking with me on Reposed Thought these past 8 months. I love being able to have this platform where I can simply let my thoughts bleed and where others can share in these thoughts. Wherever you joined the journey, thanks for passing by (even if it was only to the next stop). As ever, here’s a summary of my blogging activities over the past month. Thanks again for your support and God bless 🙂

All Posts (Aug 12-Sept 12)

  • 22Aug2015 Photography (22 Aug) – Took these photos on a lovely sunny day. These can be few and far between in England, but have to be made the most of when they appear. We have been blest with a great summer this year.


  • Morning Run Thoughts (28 Aug) – Just a few passing thoughts I was inspired to write after on a morning run. “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap.. and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” (Matthew 6:26)


  • MySpace – by Flame (Careful what you post) (3 Sept) – US rapper, ‘Flame,’ shares his thoughts on the dangers of social media in this old favourite of mine. Very thought provoking lyrics and challenging message. Have a listen here:


  • Tales of Devastation – Short Poem (10 Sept) – The ongoing crisis in Syria with people fleeing the war and the escalating migrant crisis facing Europe are the themes that inspired this latest poem. Have a read:


MySpace – by Flame (Careful what you post)

Old But Pure Gold!

Back in the days when social media was still in its relative infancy, US Christian rapper Flame came onto the music scene with his self titled debut album ‘FLAME’ (2004). With early hits like ‘To my Heart’ and ‘Racial Diversity’, he really brought a challenging but (rarely seen) positive dimension to the hip hop movement. On his third album (Our World: Fallen), he delivered the hit MySpace, which looked at why we post what we do on social media. Its a story that is still relevant today (except its not MySpace, Bebo or Hi5. Instead its Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pintrest and so much more). Despite the changing times, however, one thing remains the same as we still (almost exclusively) share our “best self” on social media. The story in this song is that of young Chanté Andrea Jones, whose feeling down and lonely because she’s not being shown love at home.

“Young Chanté Andrea Jones, never met her father and mama’s never home,

Plus she’s 15 and she lies about her age. She’s always on her phone or her Myspace page.”

(Flame – MySpace ft. Diamone)

In search of acceptance, she turns to her so-called online friends (some who she knows, others she doesn’t). What follows is a series of messages with a guy she doesn’t know, things escalate and before you know it they are meeting up face to face. I won’t spoil it too much (I probably have already, sorry), but ultimately the message is to be careful what we share online. We don’t know who we are inviting into our lives without knowing it. Have a listen to his thoughts in this thought provoking, lyrically sound and pretty sick tune (UK slang – google it) 😛


Song: Myspace

Artist: Flame (feat. Diamone)

Album: Our World: Fallen

7 Month Review: July 2015

The Shard, London

..And we’re into the second half of the year. Where is 2015 disappearing to? As ever, thank you so much for supporting and encouraging me through this first ever blogging adventure. Every time I have a conversation with someone about my blog, I’m really humbled to know that you’re still engaging with it and (sometimes) even finding it thought provoking. Thanks for all the comments, likes, shares, follows, encouraging conversations and more.

If you are new to Reposed Thought, welcome! My monthly reviews simply list all blog posts from the past month making it easier to find your favourite recent bits. Here is July’s edition. If you want to see other reviews, either type ‘review’ in the search bar or use the search by category tab and click ‘monthly review’ to find out more. Thanks again and God bless. Gome 🙂

All Posts (July 12 – August 12, 2015)

  • Tunes of the moment (14 July) – A few of my favourite songs at the moment. At the time of posting, I had been listening to these songs on repeat while doing design work. #absolutebangers


  • Drumming: A new adventure (24 July) – My personal reflections on the past year and half as a first time drummer. I’ve really enjoyed playing so far and I’m keen to develop further.


  • Jimmy Dean Quote (01 Aug) – Interesting thoughts about bringing about ‘change’ from this late American country music singer.


  • Tales of Insecurity – Short Poem (10 Aug) – A brief poem taken from the perspective of a persons internal dialogue about their struggles of anxiety and insecurity.


  • Cornish Sunset Photography (10 Aug) – Photos of an incredibly dramatic sunset taken in the lovely county of Cornwall, South West England.