Top 10 posts in 2016

Here’s a belated look back at your favourite content on Reposed Thought in 2016. Thanks for stopping by:

Top 10 Posts

1. Big City Dreams – Short Poem (poetry, creative writing)

2. Father I Turn To You (by Jahaziel) (Lyrically sound music)

3. Words I Never Said – Short Poem (poetry, creative writing)

4. Emeli Sande – Clown (my piano cover) (piano, music)

5. Chasing After The Wind – Short Poem (poetry, creative writing)

6. A Writers Struggle – Short Poem (poetry, creative writing)

7. Psalm 46:10 (Christian, graphics, photography)

8. Random Summertime Photography (photography, art)

9. S.O. – So It Ends (Lyrically sound music)

10. Morning Run Thoughts (thoughts, life)


2 Years and counting – Bloggerversary

Wow! Where has the time gone..

Thank you so much for following, liking, encouraging and supporting Reposed Thought to this point, it’s second birthday. Its so exciting to see this little hobby grow from its humble beginnings in the midst of deep procrastination to seeing out two amazing years of creative writing. It’s also been a real joy discovering other bloggers with similar interests in writing, poetry, photography and more.

Lessons learnt…

One of the biggest challenges has always been consistency. As most bloggers will tell you, it is so much easier to craft a well written piece than to consistently reproduce content of a high standing.

Top tip…

Post rubbish. By that I mean keep churning away, share incomplete stuff because the longer you try and perfect it, the further it will get from its route.

Every story is unique… Share yours!

A few months ago, I had the privilege of attending a football match along with nearly 90,000 others. Every one of us saw the same game, but each from his/her unique perspective. There was the eager cameraman on the touchline looking through his camera lens all game; the rowdy hooligan in row Z proudly donning his teams colours and singing like no-one was watching. And then there was me (no I wasn’t in row Z).

One of my goals from the outset was to inspire others through storytelling, poetry and simply life.

2 years on, I want to take this opportunity to say thanks for supporting me on this journey.. so far.

God bless


Mundane – Short Poem

Mundane! Everyday is the same,

Wake up, go to work. Slowly going insane,

Third row, second carriage, on the high speed train,

So dull and tedious, but I shan’t complain,

Seemingly endless repetitive cycle,

Day after day, turning me to a psycho,

Early morning drizzle, with skyline grey,

Typical British summer, just your average day,

The early morning battles won the night before,

Always running late, I trudge through the door,

Same ‘smile-less’ faces on platform 6,

Lost in their own worlds of musical hits,

Some Jay Z, Daft Punk, or Blink 182,

Couldn’t really tell, just let my thoughts brew,

Not much interaction, as eyes scanned around,

Every man an island, whose space he’d found,

I finally obliged to the setting I was in,

Begrudgingly untangled and plugged myself in,

Scrolling and scrolling to find the right mix,

Scramble in my bag, trying to find duo twix,

Long day on *AutoCAD, just counting up bricks,

A long way to go, till half past 6,

*CAD (or AutoCAD) is a computer aided design software mainly used by people in the construction and engineering sectors.

Oct ’16 Review

Hello! And welcome back to my monthly reviews. Just taking this opportunity on my 1 year 9 month ‘bloggerversary’ (coz that’s a word) to say thank you for all your support. I reached 100 followers this week on the blog (not incl. Facebook). It really has been a joy to do this for fun while still being productive.

Here’s a brief overview of the last months activity on Reposed Thought. Enjoy!

Sept 12- Oct 12 2016

I want to be – Childhood Dreams

An unaltered story that I wrote aged 11 about what I wanted to be when I’m older.

S.O. – Give it to God

“Where do you run to when the doors close off? Who do you call on when it all goes wrong..” Riveting, heart-searching song by 2016 Mobo Awards Nominee – ‘S.O.’

Footsteps to humility

Philippians 2 gives an insightful blueprint for humility as demonstrated in the life of Jesus.

A Writers Struggle – Short Poem

The struggles of a writer, an artist, a poet; how to stay relevant and how best to show it.

October Photo Reel

A collection of recent photos as captured through the lens of my phone-cam. Opportunistic photography I call it. Enjoy!

A Writers Struggle – Short Poem

Inspirational tales, set my thoughts off on trails,

On my journey of discovery, of writing without boundaries,

Freedom of expression, hell-bent at its mastery,

But when it didn’t flow, anxiety seeped craftily,

I read many a tale, and set many a sail,

Even reading out loud, to help story-lines gel,

But still I hit the wall, of many writers before,

As my pen hit the floor, frustration was on show,

Dedicated many hours, still sounded quite poor,

A caffeinated break, till I was happy and sure,

But how could I ensure, that long term I’ll endure?

At the foot of creativity; alone, insecure,

A thousand better writers, whose ability was evident,

Low on motivation, on structure and eloquence,

Friends started to ask, when next I’m going to write,

The good news was, the other side looked bright,

As worse it couldn’t get, for the bottoms where I lay,

An upwards trajectory, I hoped it would stay.

S.O – Give it to God

“No-one knows you when you’re down!”

This song first struck me the second time I listened to it on S.O’s latest album ‘So It Ends.’ I guess I paid more attention to the lyrics and overall picture that it paints.

The calm melodious chorus asks a personal question of our response to life’s trials; What is our default response when things go wrong?


“Where do you run to when the doors close off?

And who do you call on when it all goes wrong?

The devil is telling me to feed my fear;

‘Why don’t you pack your bags and disappear?’

I’d rather give it to God”

Life is such an unpredictable thing. We make plans, visualise our ideal outcomes and start moving towards those goals. But trial after trial, tragedy after tragedy and we’re back down on our knees. “It was never meant to be like this,” we think.

 The bible sympathises with us and offers hope through Jesus. In James 1:12, it says this:

Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him. (James 1:12)

And Jesus himself offers rest through life’s challenges when he says this:

“Come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

1 Year Today: Annual Review


Wow!! What a year it has been.

Full of challenge, joy, reflection, creativity and more. I’d firstly like to thank God for being incredible through it all. Thanks also to each of you for supporting my blog in its first year. I sincerely hope you have been encouraged, motivated, or challenged in one way or another. Here’s to another year of art, music, poetry, and other random thoughts. Peace

“In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” [Proverbs 3:6]

All posts (12 Dec 2015-12 Jan 2016):

Top 10 posts in 2015

  1. Architecture: Isn’t that like 7 years?
  2. Learn generosity when you are poor
  3. Creative Blogger Award
  4. Father I Turn to You (by Jahaziel)
  5. My Testimony – New Life
  6. Tales of Insecurity – Short Poem
  7. Welcome to my world!
  8. “Poor man’s tale – Short Poem”
  9. “Tales of an Introvert – Short Poem”
  10. “Mindless Violence – Short Poem”

Poem Stats (Jan-Mar 2015)Poem Stats (Mar-Dec 2015)

2016.. the journey continues..

Big City Dreams – Short Poem

This is the big city, the one that never sleeps,

Where my biggest ever dreams, are met with thoughts I can achieve,

This is the big city, where there’s unimagined wealth,

Though rich and poor parallel, share uneven wealth.


Blinded by the lights, I’m drawn in by the crowds,

An eclectic group of people, rubbing shoulders, without smiles,

Down its pebbled streets, I see things I’ve never seen,

And wonder at its structures; new heights I’ve never been.


“Country boy”, they call me, in this city of dreams,

But even I can tell, not all’s well, as it seems,

A short train ride, I see much depravation,

A shady high-rise, in need of urgent restoration,


The sun comes out, as kids play in the park,

But that very same place is ‘no go’, after dark,

I slow down and smile, at new faces that I meet,

But most push past, and almost knock me off my feet,


12 million people, yet I still feel lonely,

There’s nowhere like the city, to make you feel homesick,

With so much to absorb, I’m only starting my career,

But if I make it here, I can truly make it ANYWHERE.


©2016, By Gome


11 Month Review: November 2015

 Hello and a very Happy Christmas to you all. Thank you so much for your support of Reposed Thought. Its been an amazing 11 months and I’m so thankful to God for it. As ever, here is my latest monthly review which looks back on what I’ve been up to on my blog over the past month. As it hasn’t been a busy month of writing, I have included the most viewed posts during November to give you a flavour of what it’s all about. Check them out! Would love to know your thoughts.

May thanks and God bless

All Posts (12 Nov-12 Dec)


Chasing after the wind – Short Poem (Nov 24) – Inspired by Ecclesiastes 1:14 (chasing after the wind). This short poem is about the victory that can be found in Jesus to overcome addiction.


Most viewed in November