Photo A Day Jan – Week 3

So we’re at the start of Feb and I’m only uploading week 3 of #photoadayjan.. Oops! Anyways, hope you like it. Peace!

ST JAMES PRIORY: (c.1159) Oldest building in Bristol (apparently) with the oldest stained glass window in Europe. This can be found between Bristol Bus Station and Broadmead.

BRADFORD-ON-AVON: Lush, quiet village in Wiltshire. Sunny winter morning out of the office.

FOOTBALL: When your match is cancelled but you get to lie-in ūüėĀūüĎĆ. Not a massive fan of the early morning games, but I #lovethisgame.

..It was all Yellow!

Keen bean! I was first at football training this week, feeling CR7 inspired with the bright orange trainers.

Bath to Bristol Cycle Path runs along the river as it enters Bath. I spent many hours agonising over this particular site as part of my final Part 1 Architecture project.

Bathelona! ūüėú A view from above of Pultney Street Bridge.

Photo A Day Jan – Week 2

That Monday Feeling.. back to the grind after a restful weekend. I left for work when it was dark, and got back when it was dark. Despite the many frustrations, difficult work and early starts, I’m constantly reminded to be grateful and embrace it wholeheartedly. This picture was taken in Bath’s main Shopping complex, Southgate.

Bath’s famous Pultney Street Bridge. Took this photo while on a stroll before work. One thing that constantly baffles, amazes and saddens me is the parallel lives lived in this evidently wealthy city. A matter of meters to the left of this shot were two homeless men wrapped up in sleeping bags under an archway. Very sad indeed.

Just around the corner, you have Bath Abbey in all its splendour. I could only capture the calm before the tourists arrived in the morning.

Architecture Site Visit.. Always good to get out of the office and see the progress on site.

Boarding the “Not-so Great Western Railway”.. A delayed service, of course. This was a replacement after an hour for a broken down train.

VW Campervan in Bath – Love an old classic. The city, the car. They were made for each other.

And finally, after a deep and meaningful catch up with a friend, I spend some time doing some writing. This was a short poem (soon to feature on the blog) based on 2 Timothy 1.

Best of 2017: Blog Info-graphics

Abstract: As we are fast approaching the end of another year, its time for another annual blog review. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each one of you for being a part of my journey with Reposed Thought. Your engagement and encouragement have been invaluable, and spur me on as a writer, designer and poet. Many thanks.

With so much to learn from, to be thankful for and to be challenged by, here are the stats from 2017 – the stuff you really cared about. Enjoy.

God bless.

Top 10 Posts:

Top 10 Blog Posts

  1. RT Evening Standard¬†nomination: Best new-comer¬†April Fools!! Lesson One –¬†don’t believe everything you read on 1st April. On the flip side, I had lots of fun listening to friends congratulate me before reading further.. ūüėÄ
  2. 20 Favourite Poetic One-Liners (Rhyming)¬†A compilation of my favourite lines from poems that I’ve composed. Enjoy!
  3. Love Your Neighbour- Short Poem Written  to go with a sermon from the bible passage Matthew 22:34-40.
  4. Zambia: Day Eleven РFinal Goodbye Day eleven of 12: Part of a daily photography journal I kept whilst visiting my home country, Zambia.
  5. Zambia: Day One – Welcome HomeDay one of 12: Excitement, anticipation, reality. All the initial reactions & emotions of visiting home after 5 years.
  6. Screen Watching on the Train Reflections on this generations growing and worrying mobile phone addiction
  7. Zambia: Day Two РCopperbelt Day two of 12: Returning to my home city after 5 years; such a good feeling!
  8. Zambia: Day Five РLast of Kitwe Day five of 12: After a few days on the Copperbelt Province, it was time to head back.   
  9. London Bishopsgate – Walking Tour Photographic tour with a friend in one of the capital’s high-rise districts, Bishopsgate.
  10. 7 Days in B&W 7 days, 7 photo’s in black and white; No people. No explanations.

Top 10 Countries:

Top 10 Countries

Visitors to the blog came from a grand total of 53 different countries in 2017.

Countries as wide ranging as Venezuela, Namibia, Solomon Islands and Bulgaria. Thank you!

Most Popular Month:

Most Popular Month

April was by far the busiest month this year. This is mainly because of the ‘April Fools’ post and the daily photo journal of my trip to Zambia, my home country.

Stay tuned for more content in 2018.

Happy New Year!

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters.
He restores my soul.”


RT Evening Standard nomination: Best new-comer

“We will definitely be seeing more of this young and engaging writer in the near future.” (Bhavya Singh – Evening Standard).

This incredibly flattering review and nomination by Bhavya Singh features in tonight’s edition of the London Evening Standard newspaper. The shortlisting is part of the upcoming spring arts edition supporting local authors/writers from the South Eastern region.

Check out the full un-cut review via the link below:

Enjoy! ūüėĀūüėĀ

2 Years and counting – Bloggerversary

Wow! Where has the time gone..

Thank you so much for following, liking, encouraging and supporting Reposed Thought to this point, it’s second birthday. Its so exciting to see this little hobby grow from its humble beginnings in the midst of deep procrastination to seeing out two amazing years of creative writing. It’s also been a real joy discovering other bloggers with similar interests in writing, poetry, photography and more.

Lessons learnt…

One of the biggest challenges has always been consistency. As most bloggers will tell you, it is so much easier to craft a well written piece than to consistently reproduce content of a high standing.

Top tip…

Post rubbish. By that I mean keep churning away, share incomplete stuff because the longer you try and perfect it, the further it will get from its route.

Every story is unique… Share yours!

A few months ago, I had the privilege of attending a football match along with nearly 90,000 others. Every one of us saw the same game, but each from his/her unique perspective. There was the eager cameraman on the touchline looking through his camera lens all game; the rowdy hooligan in row Z proudly donning his teams colours and singing like no-one was watching. And then there was me (no I wasn’t in row Z).

One of my goals from the outset was to inspire others through storytelling, poetry and simply life.

2 years on, I want to take this opportunity to say thanks for supporting me on this journey.. so far.

God bless


1 Year 1 Month: Review


Hello! Many thanks for stopping by, supporting¬†or¬†following my blog @Reposed Thought.¬†As ever, here’s a brief¬†look back at what I’ve been up to in the blogosphere this past month. Peace, Gome.

All Posts (12 Jan 2016 Р12 Feb 2016)

  • Young.Black.Unarmed¬†(9 Feb) – Police violence against black people in America has been in the news a lot recently. The statistics are ridiculous! This is what inspired me to¬†write this piece. check it out..
  • J.Miles – Love Letters (ft Leah Smith)¬†(3 Feb) – This song beautifully shares a¬†simple yet necessary message that the world needs to hear; a love like no other..
  • Last Nights Weird Dream (#2)¬†(3 Feb) – Another one of those nights.¬†This the second weird dream I’ve managed to record straight after waking up.
  • John 16:33¬†(19 Jan) – Words to live by: “In this world you will have trouble.¬†But take heart!¬†I have overcome the world” (Jesus).

1 Year Today: Annual Review


Wow!! What a year it has been.

Full of challenge, joy, reflection, creativity and more. I’d firstly like to thank God for being incredible¬†through it all.¬†Thanks¬†also to each of¬†you for supporting my blog¬†in its first¬†year. I sincerely hope you have been encouraged, motivated, or challenged in one way or another. Here’s to another year of art, music, poetry, and other random thoughts. Peace

“In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” [Proverbs 3:6]

All posts (12 Dec 2015-12 Jan 2016):

Top 10 posts in 2015

  1. Architecture: Isn’t that like 7 years?
  2. Learn generosity when you are poor
  3. Creative Blogger Award
  4. Father I Turn to You (by Jahaziel)
  5. My Testimony – New Life
  6. Tales of Insecurity – Short Poem
  7. Welcome to my world!
  8. “Poor man’s tale – Short Poem”
  9. “Tales of an Introvert – Short Poem”
  10. “Mindless Violence – Short Poem”

Poem Stats (Jan-Mar 2015)Poem Stats (Mar-Dec 2015)

2016.. the journey continues..

10 Month Review: October 2015

So,¬†its a Thursday and we’re in¬†November. Things feel like they’re slowly coming to an end. As I look back on these past 10 months, my overriding emotion is that of gratitude.¬†I’m thankful to¬†God for my¬†life, my family, friends, work colleagues, etc. I might not always appreciate them the way I should, but he’s placed each one in my life for a reason.

I also wanted to¬†thank you all¬†for your continued support of Reposed Thought.¬†It’s been fun connecting with other like-minded people, who¬†inspire thoughts of inspiration.¬†I’m so excited to see how things¬†progress in the future. I’ve found blogging¬†a fun¬†and¬†refreshing way to de-stress, and a more productive¬†way to spend time¬†online. I’d highly recommend it to anyone.

This months review:

This month¬†hasn’t¬†been as busy on¬†the blogging front unfortunately. It’s been a battle¬†between¬†posting things often and posting for the sake of it. As a result, my creativity has been held back a little, but stay tuned as there’s more stuff to come from my¬†draft folder.¬†In keeping with previous reviews, here’s a look back on all posts from the past month.

Blessings! Gome

All Posts (12 Oct-12 Nov)

9 Month Review: September 2015

Designer Outlet Village, Ashford

Hello¬†and welcome to my¬†latest monthly¬†review. I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed following Reposed Thought¬†over the past 9 months.¬†It’s been a real joy for me to write about all kinds¬†of stuff¬†that is¬†close to my heart.¬†Some of my favourite posts have included:

  • my testimony – new life
  • tales of an introvert – short poem
  • last nights¬†weird dream
  • architecture:¬†isn’t that like 7 years?

Some of my aspirations from the beginning were to inspire, motivate and humour you [the reader], but also to encourage you [through my insights] to share your own hidden talents with others.

As I lay down one evening and brainstormed potential¬†blog names, a lot of different topics¬†ran through my¬†mind that I felt quite passionate about sharing (such as¬†my Christian faith, love of music, football, photography¬†etc).¬†Having taken the first steps into the blogging world, I found the challenge of¬†writing stuff¬†to an audience that I didn’t personally interact with¬†quite a tough yet exciting challenge. Several thoughts go through my mind¬†before making any¬†post.¬†For example: Who might read¬†this? How will they¬†interpret it? Does it make any sense? If its a written piece, does it¬†flow? etc.

Providentially, at the time I was starting my blog, there was a story-telling workshop organised by my tutor (quite random for architecture, you might think). Well, those¬†were my¬†thoughts exactly. What I didn’t realise, however, was how pivotal that workshop would be for my soon to be established blog. It was where I wrote my¬†first ever poem¬†called¬†“The Angry Sharpness Monster” – Check it out here with its back story:

To date, I¬†have written a total of 12¬†original poems (Including this months ‘Lost Ones’ listed below). I share this NOT as a way of¬†gloating (sorry if it comes across that way), but as an encouragement for you to recognise that you are special and unique in your own beautiful way.¬†I believe that God made each one of us with a purpose and as part of that, he has¬†equipped us¬†with different talents¬†and¬†abilities that are special. Even if its making other people smile, that in itself is a special gift.¬†So let your light shine that others may see.¬†You never know what might come from¬†it¬†or who you might bless. I know I’ve used this verse over and over again, but it never ceases to be true:

“I praise You [God], for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

(Psalm 139:14)

Now onto this months brief review.

All Posts (12 Sept-12 Oct)